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Ben Millen
and now for something completely different!
and now for something completely different!

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Hi Folks, got a laser module for crimbo, undecided whetther to add this as a rigidbot head or to use with my HEVO when i build it but just curious, is anyone aware of a way to easily switch between the 2 firmware wise....or do i even need to? i currently use octoprint to manage my prints with marlin (i think) code on my printer, but if i swap out the extruder for the laser will i be able to command it with cnc type software or will i need to make changes to my marlin code? not expecting full answers as i will do my research but pointers would be appreciated, especially from anyone thats done it

cheers and happy new year :)

p.s. anyone here backed the sparkmaker? hopefully getting mine in next few months, looking forward to trying sla

+Gina Häußge​ have you considered releasing different variations of octo i.e. octoburn for laser cutters, octocut for CNC's? I mention as I was just discussing on a laser cutter group using octoprint, which I'm sure would work as it's just g code but it would be cool to have spectrum variants that could be tailored a little

Just an idea

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For anyone interested I designed this filament guide in Fusion for Peter's extruder mount, for some reason pla would often skip out the front of my feeder, never happened with abs, anyhoo I thing the position of the top hole in my enclosure contributes to this but if anyone is interested I will post on thingiverse, I need to make a small tweak to it to make it line up better with feeder but so far I've done 50+ hours of printing with no issues

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hey folks, id appreciate it if you voted for me in this comp, could do with an assistant to my rigidbot :)

hope you dont mind me posting

anyone on here building or thinking of building a hypercube evolution? am considering building one with a 1m tall frame and 500x500 print area (might be being ambitious) shame there are no zoned heat beds that you could heat incrementally depending on size of print, anyhoo i digress, was thinking about using a rigidboard to run it as ive never had a problem with mine

if you are building one lemme know how you are getting on, im on the facebook group also

so octoprint do i actually access it on my phone, cant see any mention of that anywhere?

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Sorry for the multiple posts, does anyone here in the UK have a decent printer control board they're wanting to sell on at a budget friendly price, trying to get my friends cheap eBay i3 working, to be honest it's so badly designed I'd tear it apart and build a new printer if it was mine but budget dictates we make do

It has a MKS gen 1.4 in it and it's just giving me issues all the way, wanna get something with a bit more community/manufacturer support

Any recommendations also welcome (burn it with fire is a good one but I can't)

TIA :)

Anybody successfully used a bl touch with the rb1 board yet?

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Need some help, feel like I'm going mad, I've been using volcano with no problem for ages, just switched back to my regular .4 head for some detail stuff and I'm having a nightmare, never had so much trouble with it before, I feel like I've forgotten how to use it, I've adjusted a million setting in simplify I've adjusted my bed I've changed my nozzle and filament but this bloody print will not stick to the bed, any help welcome, see video for what keeps happening ever single time!
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