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Anna Bennett
As a Pinterest marketing expert I help businesses supercharge traffic and sales growth with Pinterest marketing.
As a Pinterest marketing expert I help businesses supercharge traffic and sales growth with Pinterest marketing.

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Pinterest for Bloggers & Business Tips: 3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog (Part 2)

According to Kevin Roose from New York Magazine, “Pinterest’s growth should scare the hell out of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and every other company that will have to compete with it for the marketing budgets of big companies.”

Many publishers are still unaware of why their business should use Pinterest. They don’t get how creating images and repinning (sharing) images will help them with their business. They don’t get the whole picture. And they don’t understand how all these images drive traffic to their websites to increase sales. As a result, they are allowing their competition to get ahead of them.

Tip # 1, have a bigger better presence on Pinterest than you have today and make sure you are 1) doing the right things and 2) doing them correctly.

Here is a simplified explanation of how Pinterest works:

A business takes images from their website and pins them on their Pinterest page. When people on Pinterest find those images and click on them they are taken back to the company’s website.
That is how Pinterest drives traffic to your business’s website.

So, are you ready to jump in and get more traffic to your blog from Pinterest?

Here are three proven ways to use Pinterest to drive massive traffic to your blog:

1) Install the Article Rich Pin.

The Article Rich Pin helps you stand out (as shown below where the red arrow in pointing). They include headlines, author name, and story description to help Pinners find and save stories that matter to them. More importantly they rank higher in Pinterest’s search and, because they are more visible in a user’s home feed, they have a higher click-through rate too.


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How to Use Pinterest for Business: Avoid Making Big Pinterest Mistake # 3

This blog post will reveal the third biggest mistake businesses and bloggers make on Pinterest. And to help answer the question how to use Pinterest for business correctly.

Big Pinterest Mistake #3: You’re not pinning the right content for Pinterest

The goal on Pinterest is to drive more traffic to your website right?
More traffic = more sales 🙂
No traffic = no sales 🙁

One of the ways to get traffic to your website is by creating content that will help your target audience. It’s vital that before you start pinning away that you carefully think through this question:

What original content will you pin that will lead people back to your website?

How to Use Pinterest for Ecommerce Product Based Businesses

If you’re an ecommerce business selling physical goods then it’s a no brainer that you will pin your products. But at some point when you have no new products to pin, what are you going to do to get more exposure?

The solution is to think helpfulness. This is how to use Pinterest for Business.

Pinterest is about being helpful vs. just selling your stuff. If all you do is pin your own content you will fail…guaranteed.


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Pinterest Tips & Tricks for Businesses & Bloggers: Stop Making This Deadly Mistake

Get out your to-do list and make a commitment to get serious about pin descriptions and do them correctly. Jot down the date to fix your mistakes.

In summary, if you want to know how to use Pinterest for business great pin descriptions are part of the answer because they are one of the deciding factors on whether or not a visitor will click through your image. Push yourself to create more memorable, Pinterest-friendly pin descriptions that your audience will love. As they click through more of your images, you get more traffic to your site/business. Yeepee!

YOU WANT…less stress, to save time, and get more done on Pinterest? Then do this.

CLICK HERE to read the full article

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Pinterest Consultant Reveals How to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Part 1


You’re probably asking yourself “isn’t that just for DIY moms”? Keep on reading and then judge for yourself if you still think Pinterest is just for DIY crafties.

BuzzFeed claims that Pinterest is their 2nd largest source of referral traffic
In addition, CoSchedule who dug through data from over one million blog posts found that Pinterest accounts for 90% of social media shares on the web! AMAZING!

According to Pinterest over 14 million articles are being pinned on Pinterest every day. What that means to you is that Pinterest is a beehive of activity for blogs and therefore you want to make sure that your blog is set-up properly for Pinterest so more people share your content.

You won’t believe how many blogs I stumble on that don’t even have the Pinterest social sharing button on it or worse… no images. Many bloggers and publishers are falling behind the times by failing to recognize the power of Pinterest and using it.

CLICK HERE to learn how to get more traffic to your blog posts using powerful proven Pinterest marketing tactics.

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Pinterest Expert Reveals How to Use Pinterest for Business & Blogging: Avoid Making The Big Pinterest Mistake #2

This blog post will reveal how to use Pinterest for business and the second biggest mistake businesses make on Pinterest.

Big Pinterest Mistake #2: You don’t understand the importance of adding pin descriptions

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is why do we have to add pin descriptions?

Let’s back up for a second…if you really want to understand how to use Pinterest for business realize the goal.

The goal on Pinterest is to drive more traffic to your website right?
Without traffic, there are no sales transactions.

One of the ways to get more traffic to your website is to make sure people are finding your pins when they search under “All Pins”.

For example, if you sell engagement rings one of your keyword phrases might be “diamond rings engagement”. If you did a Pinterest search using those keywords to check if you came up or not and didn’t see your products as you scrolled down the page then you’d better do something about it ASAP. Right? Your main keyword is “diamond rings engagement” and you are not found??? Not good for your business.

If you don’t fix that your competitor’s products will continue to stay on the top of the search engine. They will get traffic, some of which could be/should be yours.


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How to Use Pinterest For Business: My Review: Anna Bennett’s Pinterest Marketing for Business Course

Pinterest is growing into a social media marketing powerhouse. An increasing number of online brands are turning to Pinterest to reach new audiences and extend their reach – maybe because Pinterest is currently the fastest growing website on the internet measured by overall member growth.

With thousands of new users signing up every month, there’s a host of marketing potential to be had using Pinterest. Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest marketing has a substantial learning curve but can be very rewarding when understood. But how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of your Pinterest presence?

Pinterest marketing expert Anna Bennett noticed a lack of information about Pinterest marketing on the web and launched her own educational course on the subject. Throughout the course, Anna’s students learn:

The biggest Pinterest mistakes to avoid

How to drive traffic and sales

Tips to create pins that convert

How to get more followers

Anna’s unique teaching methods and easy-to-follow tips & tricks make her Pinterest course one of the best on the web. Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you sign up for Anna Bennett’s Pinterest Marketing for Business Course.

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How to Use Pinterest For Business: Avoid Making The Biggest Pinterest Mistakes On Pinterest (Tip #1)

Let me guess.

You’ve been on Pinterest for several months now and you’re scratching your head thinking:

Why am I not getting more followers?
Why aren’t my pins getting repinned?

Unfortunately, many Pinterest users have unrealistic expectations about what and how quickly Pinterest marketing can impact their business.

What makes matters worse are the mistakes businesses make when setting up and managing their accounts.

When studying How to Use Pinterest For Business I have reviewed well over 2000 Pinterest accounts over five years and the mistakes listed below are made in at least 99% of accounts.

Somehow businesses have gotten it into their minds that if they just pin (or save) a bunch of pretty images onto Pinterest that they are all set! Not true.

This is why I’ve come up with the most common mistakes businesses make on Pinterest so you can start making small improvements.

So let’s begin!

How to Use Pinterest For Business by Pinterest Expert Anna Bennett


Read the full blog post at

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Pinterest Expert For Business Tips: Get Your Pinterest Page Audit & Strategic Guide

Pinterest marketing success requires a strategy. You need the right pieces, in the right place, at the right time. In other words, you need a game plan to guide your success. I will look at…

what you are doing
where you can improve
and tell you how to do it.
What’s included?

1)A Pinterest marketing strategy guide and a list of recommendations that includes a step by step checklist outlining the most up to date strategies and tactics.
2)How to manage your account: daily, weekly, & monthly checklist
3)A thorough audit of your Pinterest page
4)Optimize 5 board titles, board descriptions
5)Optimize 25 pin descriptions
6)Apply for Buyable Pins on your behalf (US based businesses only)
7)Recommended Pinterest tools to add to your blog & website to get more followers
8)Keywords you should be using to come up first in search
9)What to include in your pin descriptions checklist
10)12 board titles you must have
11)Reorganize your boards
12)Create 5 cover boards so your boards stand out
13)Create 3 Pinterest images
14)60 minutes follow-up coaching session
15)Quick guide to buying Pinterest ads
Recommendations on who to follow

Learn more at

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Pinterest Expert Reveals: 29 Social Media Marketing Experts Share Their Best Advice
+Hot In Social Media

Social media marketing is a “must” that every little, medium or big company in this world will need to know in order to maintain their existing clients and acquire new clients. In 2017 every company that wants to have an online presence (and you really need to have an online presence this year, no matter, if you’re business, is only offline or just 50% online) need to have at least one social media account where they need to start growing an online community.

There are a lot of social media marketing useful tips that our Hot in Social Media community is sharing thru our blog weekly but, because we are at the beginning of a new year, we have something special for our loyal readers.

29 of the most known social media marketing experts share their best advice for you, in this 4300+ word article that you can bookmark and come back, again and again, to be sure not to forget something important.

Learn more at

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Pinterest Expert Reveals: Do You Know Why Pinterest Is VERY IMPORTANT To Your Business?

My work on Pinterest has been recognized and I have been chosen by Pinterest as one of their top 15 Pinterest marketing business experts. What that means to you is that you have come to the right place, if you want to learn how to use Pinterest correctly to increase traffic to your website and blog and make more sales. And learn how to do so quickly and efficiently.

Pinterest is not just for businesses who sell products on line. Service business and brick and mortar businesses of all types & sizes use Pinterest too.

Pinterest matters to you because 96% of Pinterest users use Pinterest to research and gather information on products and services before they buy? And you want them buying from you

So if you’re a blogger, a publisher, a service company or a brick & mortar traditional type business you need to be on Pinterest.

Pinterestis hugely popular and effective at driving buying traffic to businesses and websites.

According to a study by Comscore the reason Pinterest is so effective is because 70% of online consumers go to Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration on what to buy. Let that sink in for a second.

70% of your customers go window shopping on Pinterest. You want them looking at your goods and services.

If you’re not leveraging Pinterest you are definitely losing out on website traffic, sales, brand awareness, and… letting your competition get ahead of you.

Here are some stats you need to know:

1) Pinterest is the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites (next only to Facebook). That’s pretty impressive considering Facebook is at 6 yrs. older with over 10xs as many users

2) Pinterest users spend more than 2xs as much online compared to the average U.S. internet user. (Comscore)

3) 93% of Pinterest users have used Pinterest to plan for purchases. Pinterest users shop more often and spend more than any other social network.

4) People are on Pinterest with a buying mindset and they are future oriented. For marketers and businesses it’s heavenly because consumers are telling you what they love. It’s like a focus group.

Click the video tutorial below to see the rest.

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