I've mostly stayed away from the #Android tablet market. Partly because I don't have a huge use for one (although I'm forever using my phone around the house for tablet-like stuff) but mostly because the prices for reasonable ones were far higher than I was tempted to pay. The last time I went looking at them, especially at the more pricey ones, I ended up buying the #Chromebook I'm writing this on right now.

But, now and again, I go back and look to see what there is. Perhaps something will turn up that's neat enough and affordable enough that it could be an impulse purchase.

I do have some use for such a device. Something I can fiddle away with while lazing on the sofa, or something I can do a few things with while having a lazy morning in bed at the weekend, that's bigger than the phone but not as full-on as the Chromebook.

I noticed this one today and... I'm tempted. Very tempted.
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