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Hacker, Cracker, Phreaker, Thinker & Philosopher!
Hacker, Cracker, Phreaker, Thinker & Philosopher!

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OMG! Carna Botnet!
Anonymous researcher maps the Internet

Okay, so it's not a complete map. He hacked into 420,000 unsecured Linux devices to be able to create a report (and this fancy map) of Internet activity across a day. 

North America doesn't ever really stop. Europe chills out for a bit overnight, but the US and (the populated parts of) Canada are mostly just active all the time.

He only targeted unsecured devices, and tried to ensure that his hack wouldn't interfere with users' access to their machine.

To minimize interference with normal system operation, our binary was set to run with a watchdog and on the lowest possible system priority. Furthermore, it was not permanently installed and stopped itself after a few days. We also deployed a readme file containing a description of the project as well as a contact email address.

When asked why he did it:

The why is also simple: I did not want to ask myself for the rest of my life how much fun it could have been or if the infrastructure I imagined in my head would have worked as expected. I saw the chance to really work on an Internet scale, command hundred thousands of devices with a click of my mouse, portscan and map the whole Internet in a way nobody had done before, basically have fun with computers and the Internet in a way very few people ever will. I decided it would be worth my time.

At the very least, look at the fancy gif and think about the scale of this experiment.

You can read his full report here:

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