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EDIT (2012-05-30):

I decided to give phytec a second chance at Embedded World this year in Nuremberg. While the people i met at the booth seemed to be basically interested in what i said, i did not yet feel like updating the below post - for i wanted to see how things turn out.
Today, phytec finally called me, and i see quite a few opportunities to work with them. So as of now, the rant below is not of any concern anymore.
I don't know if they ever read it anyways.

See the current news here:


Dear phytec team.

Today I visited your booth at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES trade fair in Nuremberg. As i do some community work around TI's pandaboard (which is not to be used in a commercial product), i would have like to hear some details on your OMAP-based, especially OMAP4-based boards (as they are obviously explicitly targeted at commercial products).
Too bad nobody seemed to care for me. A nice lady offered me some water, beer and sweeties (which I thankfully accepted), but tech personnel totally ignored me for at least 10 minutes - so I left again after looking and randomly poking at powered showcases.

So what can I tell people now, when I get asked about available, commercial-grade alternatives to the pandaboard? That phytec is said to have one in the catalogue? That there's some basic information on phytecs website? Come on.

I mean: I will happily send you people who might buy your product. You might sell something. I think this is what most hardware vendor businesses are about. But I will NOT be your marketing department and advertise your products. Give me information, treat me like an interesting person even if I'm not teasing you with 5-digit numbers I might buy next month.

Granted, its hard for you. You don't know who we are. We don't wear those neon signs over our heads saying "potential sales multiplicator and testimonial provider". We might tell you, when we talk to you. If we get a chance to talk to you, that is. If you feel like talking to us, though we look like ordinary geeks or even ordinary people.

In the end, its called community work. It will pay in the end, for those who do it. Today, chance missed.


phytec is certainly not the only one showing a bit of this attitude. Today, I specifically ranted about them because of todays experience. Don't take it personal (or even do, I don't care that much) - you're not alone in this. Others who feel addressed are therefore of course also encouraged to think about doing some community work.

Addendum 2:
There are no links to named products/companies in this post for a reason. I don't think it is worth my time giving them linking and therefore publicity and page visits for free at the moment. Have your potential customers search for the information they want, like you had me.
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+Josef Holzmayr Sorry to hear about your experience with the Phytech team. However, sometimes tradeshow booths are tough to handle the influx of visitors.. perhaps there booth guys were overwhelmed that they dint give you attention.

Anyways, may be the Varscite guys "might" treat you better more at :

I am expecting other companies to announce OMAP4 som in near future. So, hopefully things will get more competitive and SoM vendors will be forced to treat customers/community well or just loose out on business.
+Måns Rullgård Of course, but your employer offers me Lenovo S10-3t and ExoPC for Atom proto work, not the equivalent of the Pandaboard! I wish I still were working with Pandaboard instead, but haven't been able to since MeeGo 1.2 release started requiring hardfp GPU drivers.
Now I'm confused. What has my employer got to do with Atom?
Sorry, +Måns Rullgård I was confusing you with Vladimir momentarily. Maybe I shouldn't post right after I wake up from a nap!
+Alison Chaiken btw, you can go back to the Pandaboard now, since Meego went the way of the Dodo, there is now the #mer project picking up the pieces and they don't have the same religious agenda, so softfp is just fine with them
+Josef Holzmayr I am sure they will get back to you in about 9 months time, once they have sorted through their trade fair backlog...
+Alison Chaiken Yeah, but as +Måns Rullgård pointed out, the named devices are complete things. Many people we see in IRC are thinking that the panda is just a cheap-as-dirt, but powerful SoM. So we'd like to have the possibility to name some SoMs that are really meant to be used as such.
+Jayabharath Goluguri Partially agreed. After thinking about it, I realized that there was no big run on the booth, I came in a rather quiet moment. But the 6 or 7 tech/sales guys were busy tackling 2 persons, who obviously had that special something that I (and the rest of people just leaving unnoticed) did not have. Maybe it should be more taken as a rant for: "If you send a handful of persons to a booth, make sure they can handle a customer each."

There are other booths where that works, verified yesterday multiple times. (including 2 TI booths, by the way.)
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