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I can FINALLY tell you all the news - I've been about ready to burst
The image that started it all, courtesy of Bri Hokanson I have, right in front of me, the official MACC paperwork
stating that the “Potentially Dangerous, Needs Training” designation has been rescinded.
Nano is in the clear from the perspective of Minneapol...

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Things That Make You Go ... Hmmmm?
The charmingly empty mailboxes in the building where I live. I know it's been awhile since I've written here. I'm in 'waiting mode' on a couple things and until things move into 'final mode', there's no point discussing publicly. However, I did want to shar...

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Giving MACC Some Love
Yeah, yeah, yeah ... we cheated - this is an oversized tennis ball Photo by: Briana Hokanson For anyone who has had to deal with Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC), you may not have fond memories. It's overwhelming and scary as hell the first time y...

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The Cliff Notes Version - Or My Best Attempt at Brevity
Thanks to Bri Hokanson for taking this photo - for a gal who is afraid of dogs, you sure did great with my "mop" Several people just tuning in have asked for a synopsis and all the links in one spot and whatnot. This is my attempt. June 10: I took Nano out ...

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USPS Policies and Written Recommendations
Cover of USPS publication Postal Bulletin , dated May 1, 2014 Issue code: PB 22388 I found this information in a USPS publication called the Postal Bulletin . The May 1, 2014 (PB22388) cover story focused on National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which was May ...

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The Official USPS Statement
Downtown Minneapolis Post Office Statement - U.S. Postal Service In the past year, 32 Postal Service letter carriers in Minneapolis were bitten by dogs. That number ranks 11th worst in American cities. There have been numerous other attacks that did not res...

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Suggesting Solutions: The Letter I Delivered to the USPS on June 19
Nano still fits into my bike basket, but doesn't like it as much as he did as a puppy Lots of people have asked to see the written communications related to this incident. I'm classifying documents into three buckets and treating them differently Documents ...

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USPS Changes Their Mind - And It's a GOOD thing!
Nano says thanks too, even though he doesn't get much mail Chalk this one up to Things That Make You Scratch Your Head and Go Hmmmmm? The plan for resuming mail service was that I needed to have my MACC (Animal Control) hearing on July 9 and be in documente...

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The Other Shoe Drops - and So Did My Stomach
Even cuter with a banana smile. Hello friends - well, after a brief (too brief) respite, the other shoe has dropped. While opening my mail yesterday, I came across a letter indicating I was being sued over this whole mess. Personally sued. A civil suit. So,...

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Thank Yous and What Next?
Bri was our photographer and deserves a round of applause. Time for thank yous and public recognition. First, to all 3500 of you who called the USPS on Thursday - that was approximately 7 calls per minute for 8 hours. Unless I'm messing up my math. That is ...
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