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sathish narayanan

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Here's to wishing everyone a wonderful Diwali !

In the true spirit of "Samwat" celebrated across Indian bourses to mark a new beginning, we at eLakshya have also launched new products for our customers.

Our new revamped website =
Our newsletter service =
Our MF chooser tool called e-mutual =>
Our google+ posts ( doubles up as our blog) =>
Our new revamped flagship product "Dot eLakshya" => see in

Have a blast, and launch some rockets. We have launched quite a few of our own !
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sathish narayanan

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Added my profile to the! #140177
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Property Prices shoot up along Bangalore Metro route

Our take on this (as financial planners)

1. We at Bangalore knew this even 4 years back, but people did not buy then. Suddenly, they are buying now, when the Metro is about to roll out.
2. Delhi's history will probably repeat here - prices will keep going up and stabilise only when all Reach 4 is completed. So, even now, it might not be a bad time to buy a property.
3. Across the world, across cities, has Metro has been a failure ? And it is not as if the Metro infrastructure can be moved elsewhere ( it is riveted to terra firma !). In my opinion, the best rough location to buy would be 10-15 min drive away from the farthest terminus ( Byanapanahalli) in a straight line on the other side (which goes away from city).
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Choosing your Mutual Fund ( screenshot example)

Good for the telecalls. Thought we wud show the screenshots ( see the photos for the process of selection).

Our recommendations :
A- If you are looking for the most consisent big-size equity fund(s) to buy NOW,we recommend IDFC Premier-Growth
B - If you are looking for the best Gold ETFs out there, we recommend Kotak and UTI.
C - If you want to see why, or if you want to apply your own criteria and decide, go ahead, take the s/w MF tool for a spin -

Customer query 1 : Are there similar tools in the internet ?
Ans : We haven't seen one, but love to. Do feel free to comment
Customer query 2 : Are these the only criteria for choosing MFs
Ans : We believe so ( quantitatively, at least). Quali factors wud be : Brand name of MF, name of fund manager etc. But in case you feel that if any of these filter criteria given are not relevant for choosing MFs, do feel free to comment.

PS : This post is streamed to our blog through google+ ( where we are still segregating our circles). Sincere apologies if this has reached u inadvertently ( and pl do feel free to unsubscribe).
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Choosing your Mutual Fund(self-service counter)

Top-most,All-time question from our customers : "Which MFs do i choose/buy" ?
Our answer : A - Try our little tech in, select based on your own conditions. B- See video at if you need a full spin.
C - Or just these photos below ( Since data is "real-time", our recommendations are as of 13 Oct'11 only - ie Sundaram Select Midcap, Templeton India Growth, Fidelity India Equity)

PS : This post is streamed to our blog through google+ ( where we are constantly segregating our circles). Sincere apologies if this has reached u inadvertently ( and pl do feel free to unsubscribe so that u are not disturbed again).
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A few more examples with screen-shots wud be just great
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Tata Retirement Savings Plan ( balanced fund)

Their NFO is on ; just a heads up on some features and benefits. Go for it if you are looking for a very long term horizon

See the pdf here and our comments in the image below
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Best Mutual Funds to choose from, this month (Sept-Oct 2011) ?

In case u've missed the earlier post :

Here goes the list :

Diversified Equity Funds : Sundaram Select Midcap, UTI Dividend, UTI Opportunities, AIG India Equity, Canara Robeco Equity, Fidelity India Growth Fund, HDFC Top 200, HDFC Prudence, Reliance Equity Opportunities, IDFC Premier Equ
ELSS : Fidelity Tax Advantage, Religare Tax Plan
Debt : Templeton India ST, Reliance ST Growth, UTI ST Income
Others : Religare Contra, AIG Infra, ICICI Pru (dynamic)

Each of the 4 Research giants ( Value Research, Crisil, Morning Star, Mint-50) bring out their list of 50-80 funds for the month. All we're saying is that the above funds find mention in every of these lists.

So four experts saying the same thing (and we derive this with a auto-tech mashup).
Go ahead, take your call. Do subscribe to our Newsletter at for inputs & updates on insurance, mutual funds, tax planning etc.

PS:This is a Google+ stream post to our blog. Pl unsubscribe if you find it intrusive.
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Beyond Self-Service choosing of Mutual Funds

Customer : Self-Service is fine, but now i need the Experts to come in and tell me which MFs to buy : Sir, we are experts as well, but much smaller than the biggies
Customer : I can always visit their websites to see their recommendations. I need something better. : Right Sir, let's use Technology. We use Fuzzy Logic and Mashup to give you automated "common" list of MFs. We have taken 4 biggies - Value Research, Mint-50, Crisil and Morning Star. Each one gives its recommendations on a monthly basis, which is for public viewing and consumption.
Customer : So u mean to say u will be show me that list of MFs which are commonly present in each of their recommended lists ! : Exactly, sir. We have developed this internal tool which does this. Do see this list for Sept 2011 in the photos below.
Customer : So, now, err..., do my choices become 100% safe ? : We are not saying that, sir. But If Times of India, The Hindu, Deccan Herald and Taran Adarsh independently give 5-star rating to a newly released movie, I am sure there must be something about that movie. Our list is similar in concept.

Note from eLakshya : We will be releasing this list on a regular basis through our newsletter. Do feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter at , which would carry regular updates on our businesses ( Financial Services and Recruitment Industries).
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Nicely presented dialogue!! Very interesting way of selling a tool or a service! The best way is to make it interactive, if not, present the interaction!! Congrats eLakshya and Sathish!!! 
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sathish narayanan

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sathish narayanan originally shared: : Best Fixed Deposits in the Market ( in our opinion)

With a MF recommendation, can a FD be far behind ? There are some 50 FD houses in India, of which we at eLakshya sell 3 FDs products - M&M, Shriram and Unitech. We can go ahead and tieup with more, but we believe that these represent the FD spectrum :
M&M : V V Low-risk, ok returns
Shriram : Low risk, better returns
Unitech - A little more risk, great returns

Here is M&M's newly announced rates,with the app form etc. Three-year period works out to 10.5 % ( compounding cud fetch more). See the app form etc embedded here.

You can always book ur FD online. For any clarifications, call us or mail us at eLakshya.
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Returning UK NRI : Suggestion on whether and where to invest in Pension in India

1. QROPS ( Qualifiying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) by UK Govt allows investment in following :

Aegon Religare Pension Plan
Birla Sun Life Insurance Freedom 58
Birla Sun Life Insurance Secure 58 Plan
Birla Sun LifeInsurance Flexi Secure Life retirement Plan II
Flexi Secure Retirement Plan [Birla Sun Life]
IDBI Federal Retiresurance Guranteed Pension Plan
IDBI Federal Retiresurance Milestone Pension Plan
IDBI Fortis Retiresurance Pension Plan
LIC's Jeevan Akshay - VI
Life Maker Pension
Max New York Life Smart Invest Pension Plus
Max New York Life Smart Invest Pension Super
Met Advantage Plus
Met Pension Plus
New Best Years
Quantum Solutions Employees Provident Fund Trust
Smart Invest Pension

2. You like the India growth story more ? You bring the money here. You believe in UK more or want to return : Keep it in UK Pension scheme

3. If choice is former, then see the chart below. Disclaimer : Choice is as per current performance and only 4-5 main parameters studied. There could be many more paramaters one might want to consider.
4. To know more about "what is pension etc" and to see ppts, visit : and explore the "noticeboard" file.
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - :'s Dreamforce meet, Oct 12 2011

Key takeaways : 1. The tech curve ( from mainframe in 60's to client server in 80s to cloud in 2005+ has now moved to "social")
2. The tablet is now omnipresent - i cud see tablets with almost everyone at the venue !
3. There were a couple of fantastic examples given.
a - In their dreamforce event at SFO, the CEO of Burbery ( an elegant lady) came on stage with a dapper white suit. Some of this crowd of 20000 immediately tweeted abt her dress. Quite soon thereafter, each of these people got a tweet back giving the address of the nearest Burbery showroom ( and also a discount coupon). Power of social !
b - Today in Japan, a Toyota car talks to it owner thru a tweet - "Hey, i need a service". Machines connecting with people on social networks is also going to be the future !
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Read about Burberry CEOs suit and saw her photo too somewhere in the ether! Thanks, Sathish!
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sathish narayanan

Shared publicly  - : Online Life Insurance Sales - Aegon Religare shows the way

We've always advocated online distribution, be it motor insurance, health insurance, MF, FD etc. According to a source( not confirmed),, which did 0.2 % of its total business online, now stands at 12% now. "Life Ins" has been slow in this area, and many old colleagues still feel that the products remain complex for easy online channels. So felt a bit vindicated on reading this article from Towers Watson ( a key industry consultant), which mentioned that Aegon Religare Life will hit 10% sales through online this year.

Why are we at eLakshya so thrilled about this, since we are intermediaries ( and ostensibly this hurts us?). Our belief is : It will not hurt us. Companies will graduate to providing online links to their intermediaries who can then enable booking the business online with due credit. Because there are 2 things that we can do which a manufacturer can never do - 1-Give the customer choice among competitors 2-Offer the customer various other products of the financial planning basket and provide a holistic financial planning experience ( irrespective of whether service is rendered online or offline)

Example today - Our executive travels from one part of b'lore to another, to book a policy ( collects the app form & cheque after 3 visits, preceded & followed by several phone calls). This leaves us with a v small commission which comes after 1.5 months, TDS. Not to count the policy rejections, sales funnel fallouts, admin overheads etc.

As things stabilise, "Online" will make doubly sure that in the overall business model, the broker is not the joker but rather the business maker.
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Set up eLakshya ( Bangalore / Chennai) in June 2007. We are a wealth management firm which "incubates" its employees for 6-12 months before placing them in the BFSI majors. So, we are into both Financial Services Retailing, as well as HR consultancy space.


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