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Classic Hollywood fan, blogger
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Hedda Hopper & James Dean
When gossip columnist Hedda Hopper saw James Dean for the first time, she was appalled by his unkempt appearance and his bad manners. Such was her disgust with Dean that she  wrote i n her column the next day :  " They've brought out from New York another d...

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As ever, Norma
Here is a sweet little note from Norma Shearer to Brian Aherne, written in 1935. Shearer wrote to Aherne after doing a screen test together for MGM's film adaptation of  Romeo and Juliet.  Aherne was one of the actors considered for the role of Romeo, but h...

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Mae West and her fight for better prison life
In April 1927, Mae West was sentenced to ten days in prison for having corrupted 'the morals of youth' with the 1926 Broadway play  Sex ,  which she had written, produced, directed and starred in. West was released after eight days for good behaviour, but h...

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I got it in the bathroom!
With the leading role in  Anastasia  (1956), Ingrid Bergman made her American comeback after she had spent years in Italy making films with Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini. Bergman had been forced to stay in Italy due to her affair with Rossellini and ...

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George Hurrell: more than just a photographer
A leading portrait photographer in the 1930s/40s, George Hurrell photographed every major star in Hollywood, including the incomparable Barbara Stanwyck. Here is a short memo from Barbara about Hurrell, sharing her thoughts on his work and calling him more ...

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I have been stupidly loyal
In the early 1950s, John Wayne made the worst decision of his film career. He decided to play the role of the Mongolian warlord Genghis Khan in Howard Hughes' production  The Conqueror (1956) ,  a decision he would sorely regret. Wayne's casting as Khan is ...

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The human mind cannot grasp it
In 1942, in post-Pearl Harbor America, many Hollywood actors joined the  army, including   28-year-old   Tyrone Power who enlisted in the  U.S.  Marine Corps. Having learned to fly in 1938, Power really wanted to be a combat flyer but was considered  too ol...

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Miss Leigh seems to be the best qualified
In December 1938, a young unknown British actress named Vivien Leigh visited the set of Gone with the Wind accompanied by talent agent Myron Selznick. Myron's brother, producer David Selznick, had just started production of GWTW (the burning of Atlanta scen...

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Please believe me it was not my doing
Something's Got to Give  (1962)  was Marilyn Monroe's last (unfinished) film. Directed by George Cukor and co-starring Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse, the film was a remake of the 1940  My Favorite Wife,  a screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne...

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It could be a very important and constructive film
After reading the Cold War novel  Seven Days in May  by   Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II ,  Kirk Douglas knew it could be made into a great film. He bought the rights to the novel through his production company Joel Productions, teamed up with dir...
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