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Learn the real significance of home inspection as a buyer

Most home buyers conduct extensive study on real estate experts, loans and neighborhoods before arriving at a conclusion about their dream home. They are always busy with house hunting and open house visits before getting into a contract with the seller and majority of their time will be spent for these types of activities. All these activities do not give a clear idea about the current condition of a home and when the home inspector conducts the inspection, they realize that how little they actually know about the existing condition of the home that they plan to purchase.

Reliable home inspection professionals always come up with facts. They are pretty straightforward and all it can make things hard for you as a home buyer. How to move forward based on the conclusions of the inspector? You may become confused about whether to move forward with the deal or renegotiate or back away from the deal and that is exactly where the importance of a top quality inspection report comes in.

Experienced professionals will not describe a problem using one liner and they will categorize every issue using different titles to make the report easy to understand.

Sometimes, they recommend for a further inspection by a specialist because certain issues cannot be identified with the help of a general home inspection. Unresolved issues can result in the wastage of a lot of money and in certain cases; foundation repair bids can become pricier than the total cost of the home. That is why inspectors recommend further inspection for complex issues.

Home inspectors are not supposed to hand over a repair bid for the buyer. At the same time; if you attend the inspection and ask them the questions about repair, they will tell you what should be done to solve all the issues. The bottom line is that you should accompany the professional while performing home inspection.

Home inspectors can give a few referrals to the plumbers, roofers and electricians so that you can get bids from them during the contingency period and you can negotiate the price with the seller with the help of all these bids and estimates. The primary responsibility of the home inspector is to point out each and every defect, within the scope of the inspection that definitely needs maintenance, repair, further inspection or replacement.

If you do not give proper attention to the words of the professional during the inspection process, you will not be able to understand the conclusions in the report clearly. You should ask the inspector to take you through all areas of the home after the inspection and it is being done to point out again all areas that need repair or further inspection so that you become thoroughly familiar with these areas. Such an approach will bring clarity when you read the report and top quality inspectors always take digital pictures and insert them into the report to make things clearer for the buyers.

They will check the structural defects with great precision and all other components like electrical system, heating and cooling system, plumbing system and kitchen appliances will be inspected as well. All these aspects clearly suggest that a qualified and experienced home inspection professional will safeguard the interests of the buyers in the best possible manner.
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Commercial property lease: tips on how to make the best choices

Just like many other property owners, you may find yourself in a situation in which you would like to expand or acquire more operational space. Even though there several choices available to choose from, truth is, negotiating a commercial lease agreement still remains as the best approach in spite of it being perceived to be such as complex process. In case you are searching for expansion space, then here are a few tips and tricks for the best negotiations. They include:

a. Conduct an extensive independent research

Prior to starting your search for commercial property for lease, set out and engage in an independent research. This is very important because it will help you familiarize yourself with the best way to negotiate and settle for the best costs depending on what you are looking for. While carrying out you search, it is important to note that prices of spaces/properties range from place to place. Researching prior to browsing through the available options in the market will help keep you safe from ever having to make and overpayment.

b. Figure out in advance exactly what you need

As a property owner, you should fully be aware of exactly what it is that you need before you set out in search of space. The best way to do this is by creating a checklist of everything that you would like to have e.g. parking space, storage space, infrastructure etc all this in fact should all be taken into consideration before you sign any agreement.

c. Consult extensively with professionals.

Consulting professionals’ e.g. home inspectors, real estate agents etc will help you negotiate much better finally when you have gotten hold of a property you would like to lease. For instance, real estate agents are always fully informed of the latest trends and prices that the market is characteristic of. As result of this, they can prove to be very resourceful providing you information which may not be readily available from any other sources. In case you represent a firm, feel free to reach out to an attorney who is experienced in commercial realty.

d. Focus on the length of the lease

Take time to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the provisions of the commercial lease agreement. This is very important because it will help you negotiate much better. Take note, short term agreement provisions are characteristic of flexibility among other things long term agreements on the other hand are characterized by a feeling of stability. This being the case, the best thing to do is to settle for a short term rental agreement renewing it each time required.

In addition to the above, find it within yourself to read through the agreement carefully putting a lot of emphasis on the key areas maintenance costs. This way you will be able to bargain better plus you will also be able to take advantage of additional provisions such as the extra clauses included in commercial lease agreements e.g. subleasing or the exclusivity clause. All said and done, you bargaining power mainly depend on how much input you put in or you take advantage of a home inspection to ascertain that you are making the right choices.
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Detailed guide on how to promote your rental property on the internet

Marketing online has swept through business world completely redefining the manner in which products and services are sold to customers. In the real estate industry, properties are now being put up in websites from where interested clients get to view, make comparisons and then start negotiations. In fact, a good percentage of real estate transactions are now being done online. This being the case, if you have a rental property and you are looking for good tenants to lease it to then you should start off by promoting the property on the internet since there you are guaranteed a chance to get hold of a few very interested prospects who are very easy to deal with.

To help you promote the property to potential tenants consider the following:

Carry out a thorough home inspection

Commissioning a thorough home inspection will help you get the house in order by making all necessary urgent repairs which might turn off any potential tenants. What’s more, the home inspector will provide you with a detailed home inspection report from which you can borrow a few details about the house from when finally creating a website for the rental property. What’s more, tenants are more interested in home which have been thoroughly inspected and certified to be fit for rent hence commissioning a home inspection also serves as an added advantage when promoting the rental property.

Create a website

In case you do not know how to create a website, opt for ready templates which will only require you to simply fill in details, upload files and pictures etc next optimize the site so that it can start having traffic. Remember to make sure that the site has details of the rental property such as where it is located, the amount of rent expected from tenants, quality pictures of the house including a few which specifically focus on key features of the house. Enhance the website with things such as sponsored property listings and newsletters.

Take advantage of online listing

Online listings are one of the best avenues to promote rental property. This is because they will allow you to create additional links which you can later on place on different platforms in order to reach out to a wider audience. Always remember to renew your adverts since adverts on free listing sites such as Craigslist are always timed hence bound to expire.

Send out newsletters

Send out newsletters which include important information about the rental property such as special rental offers etc to your contacts through your very own mailing address. This way in case anyone of them is interested in renting out the property they will simply need to reply after which you can proceed with everything else.

Share the url of your website on social media

Sharing the Url of your rental property’s website on social media serves as a guarantee to reach out to a wider audience since social media are interconnected. Slowly the word about your rental property will spread out and before you know it you will start hearing from potentials tenants.
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Learn about the health complications involved with toxic mold infestation in your home

Did you check for mold growth in your home recently? If not, you have to do it immediately because toxic mold infestation invites a lot of serious health issues. It affects almost all organs in your body adversely and the quality of your life will come down drastically. It can pose serious threat for your children and family members as well. You should perform Mold inspection with the help of a qualified and experienced professional to get rid of all these health complications.

Mycotoxins, a major ingredient in the toxic mold can enter your body through the skin and it invites a lot of skin problems like blisters, rashes, yellowing of the skin, itchiness, inflammation and crawling skin. Your immune system will get weakened with constant exposure to mold growth and you will become more vulnerable to infections and diseases as well. Mycotoxins available in the toxic mold are teratogenic in nature and they may make a negative impact on the fetus during pregnancy. It can lead to a lot of birth defects and some of the other issues that can be associated with mold infestation in your home include impotence and miscarriage as well.

When you get exposed to toxic black mold for an extended period of time, the immune system may release a sedative known as Chloral Hydrate. It is a natural defensive mechanism by the body to slow down the toxic mold effects. It will result in tiredness and fatigue and toxic mold can also cause muscle soreness. Some of the most common symptoms of prolonged mold exposure include chest pain, drowsiness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, joint pain, abdominal pain, malaise, vomiting, fever, cold, diarrhea, nausea, weight loss, hair loss, liver disease and hearing loss.

Toxic mold spores always cause allergic issues and they include sneezing, runny nose, breathing problems, sore throat, sore eyes and itchiness. Mold exposure causes different types of reactions in different people and the severity also differs from person to person. People with a weak immune system like children and elderly often become highly vulnerable to the problems caused by the toxic mold. Though there is not any conclusive evidence, some experts are of the opinion that toxic black mold can cause cancer as well.

Some of the toxic black mold symptoms will disappear in a gradual manner when you stop yourself from getting exposed to these dangerous organisms. At the same time, some of the symptoms can be described as permanent because people, who have experienced immune system related problems due to mold exposure, will always be sensitive to mold and mycotoxins in the future as well. So, you need to check whether mold growth is present in your home or not and it should be done by hiring a reliable home inspection company. Top quality mold testing professionals will conduct a detailed investigation to find out the presence of mold even in hidden areas and they will also collect samples to analyze the air quality, surface condition and other related aspects. Dedicated professionals will give you a written report containing all the details of mold infestation and this report will also contain effective and practical solutions to remove toxic mold from your home.
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Critical home inspection mistakes that even experienced home buyers commit

It can be said without any doubt that home inspection always makes your new home a safe place to live in. It also makes home buying a profitable investment and making any compromises on these two aspects can be described as a cardinal sin. Many people do not still understand the true significance of a home inspection and they are not sure about what should be done to make the inspection truly result oriented. You should create better awareness about this procedure to get the maximum out of it and here are the most serious mistakes that even most experienced home buyers make:

Not conducting the home inspection itself

Experienced home buyers also make this critical mistake. It is mainly because they assume that when a home passes all local codes and ordinances, it will always be in good shape. You simply cannot assume that a brand new home is free from all types of defects and you should hire a reliable home inspector to find out all types of defects. Otherwise; it can make a devastating effect on your financial condition in the immediate future.

Trying to save money by hiring an incompetent inspector

Inspection can be described as a process that involves a complete physical checkup of a home and it is being done to protect you from any flaws as far as your biggest investment is concerned. You need to hire a competent and reliable professional with a clean track record and compromising on quality will make the inspection meaningless. Quality does not come cheap and a perfect blend of quality and affordability can be associated with best professionals. In normal circumstances, inexperienced inspectors offer cheapest rates to gain business and relying on them can land you in trouble. It is always advisable to hire a licensed and professionally affiliated company that offers committed and dedicated inspection services.

Assuming that the inspector would predict the future of all systems when hired

Even an experienced inspection professional cannot predict the future and he/she can only assess the existing condition of your home. Home inspectors are not magicians and you have to be realistic with their reports. They cannot tell you exactly when an ageing system will fail and based on the existing condition, they can only make realistic assumptions. For example; though a particular heating system in a home normally has a lifespan of 15 years, it has already lasted 16 years and an inspector will not be able to tell you exactly how many more years it would last. In such a situation, you should seek the help of a professional who is exclusively proficient in repairing heating systems.

You should remember that you are the person who is hiring the home inspector and the inspector is not bothered about the materialization of the sale because his income does not depend on the sale. He is there to provide an honest and objective assessment about the home and you can always expect a neutral opinion from a top quality inspector. You should not hire an inspector recommended by the real estate agents blindly because they may have business interests and your interests may not be protected in the best possible manner.
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What do the best home inspection companies include in their services?

A home is a huge lifetime investment for most people, therefore all necessary measures and steps should be followed to ensure the investment is worthwhile. Among the steps to be followed include seeking quality home inspection services. A home quality inspection is a consulting service offered by professionals to help buyers and sellers make up to date decisions.

However, before identifying the company or firm to inspect your home, you should fully understand the services they offer and their relevance. This article gives an insight into some of the services to look out for in order to spot the best home inspection company.

The following will help you answer the question, what do the best home inspection companies include in their services?

Foundation and structure inspection

The foundation should always be in perfect condition as it is the base on which the house/building stands on. Any mistake on the foundation is likely to worsen as the house goes higher. Poor foundations result to a weak home which can also be dangerous. To prevent any future problems with the house, home inspectors ensure that the foundation is strong, well constructed and proportional to the structure it supports. The structure on the other hand is the body of the home and forms the largest part. It separates the interior from the exterior. The inspection experts gauge whether it is strong, durable, well-proportioned and has ability to resist weather elements and other factors.

Exterior and interior inspection

The professional inspectors will carefully look at the exterior and identify faults if any. Good exteriors should have good finishes and a secure fence. The grounds are also part of the exterior and should be properly drained and well leveled. The interior is inspected to ensure it has enough lighting, ventilation and the walls are well painted. Other factors such as the size and positioning of rooms are also looked at.

Roof and attic

To meet the quality standards, the roof needs to be carefully and securely attached to the structure regardless of the design.

Since it protects weather elements and other objects from falling into the house, it should also be strong. Any gutters and chimneys need to be correctly and finely placed on the roof. Cracks or leaks on the roof limit its function and are not acceptable. A quality attic will have enough and well installed insulation, proper ventilation and well sized gable end louvers.

Electrical components

For a house to pass the quality inspection, all electrical wiring needs to be properly done. There should be no exposed wires and the right amount of voltage should be directed to their correct functions. This is also necessary in order to determine the safety of the house.


Plumbing plays a big role in making a home clean. Home inspectors therefore ensure that all pipes have no leaks, the water heat has no rust and is well sized, the water pump does not short cycle and that galvanized pipes do not resist the flow of water. They also ensure that the sewer drains are in proper working order and that clean water pipes are well positioned to prevent either of the contents mixing. These things tend to be unique to the Brooklyn area despite being a good idea to check for any potential home you are about to buy.

All these are basic parts of the house and analyzing their quality will help you in finding the perfect home. Call Olympian Home Services for all your home inspection needs.
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Effective tips to keep your home mold-free

Mold growth can cause great damage to the interior of your Brooklyn home and it also poses serious health hazard for your family as well. The most prominent factors responsible for mold infestation are ambient moisture and standing water and you should always make efforts to eliminate sources of moisture to protect your home from mold growth in the best possible manner. When you fail to control moisture in an effective manner, mold infestation will become a reality and you need to hire a reputed mold inspection company to assess the existing condition.

Humidity should be reduced

Having a ready source of water always causes mold growth inside your home and high ambient humidity always provides a ready source of water. That is where the importance of reducing the humidity in your home comes in and it can be done with the regular use of furnace and air conditioner as well. You can also use a top quality dehumidifier to remove excess moisture out of the air and you need to empty the drip pan of your air conditioner in a frequent manner to avert the possibility of having mold and mildew growth in the reservoir. If your stove, heater and dryer are not correctly vented to the outdoors, they will invite moisture because wrong venting always promotes the moisture to come inside. Another effective ways to control humidity in your home is to use an exhaust fan while operating the dishwasher and stove and, during showering, you will have to turn on the bathroom fan or open a window as well.

Get rid of standing water

If you have standing water in your Brooklyn home, controlling mold growth can become a really difficult task and it always gives an open invitation to mold. You will have to clean up the spills without any delay and all types of plumbing problems should be addressed then and there. It is always advisable protect your sinks, showers and tubs from getting wet all the time and water accumulation can be avoided by keeping them dry. You should also clean the water bowl of your pet regularly and it should be refilled with clean and fresh water. If you have planted trees in standing water, you will have to make sure that the water is replaced in a daily manner and all planters should be kept really clean as well. Condensation can be effectively prevented by insulating the plumbing pipes and the drips should also be insulated because of the changes in humidity and temperature. As with all areas, mold testing in Brooklyn should be your number one priority in the event that you suspect a significant mold issue.


If you cannot follow all these guidelines, your home will always stand in with a chance of getting affected with mold infestation and the best way to identify the intensity of mold growth is to conduct a home inspection. Mold testing should be done with the help of a top quality professional and a comprehensive report will be handed over to you after the inspection. You will come to know everything about the mold infestation in your home by reading the inspection report and the correct remedial steps can be taken based on the conclusions in the report.
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Do you need a home inspection?

Buying a home in Brooklyn NY is a dream come true for most people. It can be a wonderful and exciting experience and at the same time, it can be a stressful event as well. Everybody wants to arrive at the correct conclusion while taking this all important decision and conducting a home inspection can be described as one the best ways to make this decision hassle free. Some people are always confused about whether they need to hire a home inspector or not and it is one of the most important decisions that a buyer has to take. If you are also confused about hiring Westchester Home Inspectors, you should not hesitate to hire an inspector because it will always help you to arrive at the correct buying decision.

You do not need to get panic if your home inspector identifies some defects or issues with a home that you have decided to purchase because no home is perfect even if it is a brand new one. Even well maintained Westchester homes can have some problems and you may not be able to find out these major defects or safety issues without professional help. A home inspector is a trained person who has the experience and expertise to evaluate all components of a home and he/she will give you first hand detailed information about the existing material defects and safety issues as well.

There is no doubt about the fact that a home inspection can be easily your first line of defense to keep from putting your family members at risk. Home inspectors identify the current defects and safety issues while conducting the inspection and when all these issues go unnoticed for a prolonged period of time, the cost for repair works can go beyond even your wildest imagination. When you hire certified and experienced professionals, they will give you an overall assessment of all areas of the home including the exterior areas, interior areas and other systems as well. Some of these problems may not be visible to the naked eyes and it can only be found with the help of advanced equipment like infrared cameras. Top quality professionals will make use of all these devices to evaluate the current condition of a home.

Home inspection does not invite huge expenses and you need to spend around $500 to $800 only for a thorough examination of a home. This amount can be described a truly insignificant while comparing with the benefits associated with home inspection. The advantages involved with home inspection are invaluable and as a buyer, you get a full rundown on the condition of the home that you plan to purchase. When a home inspector hands over a written report after the examination, you will get a clear cut picture about the repair works to be performed and negotiating the price with the seller will become a less complicated process. Al these aspects clearly show that a home inspection is truly unavoidable and the fact that inspection can be performed at such a fraction of a cost of the investment that you are going to make, makes it all the more endearing to a huge number of people. To learn more about our inspection services, please check us out on yelp here and then give us a call with any questions or concerns you have, at 718-766-7043.

You can also watch our video consultation which goes into great detail as to what you can expect from us when we are given the opportunity to inspect a property on your behalf... here
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