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To everyone who added me on Google+: Please add my colleague +Naomi Gleit! She is Vice President of User Feedback for Facebook, so her job is to take all of your wishes and wants for Facebook and turn them into reality!
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اگر فیسبوک امکان ویس در پروفایل‌ها به صورت جمعی اضافه کند خیلی خوب می‌شود
Ok, perfekt! That's a deal.
+Marco Moretti Are you nuts!? how are circles not a good idea? the ability to share things easily and with specific groups is much better than by default posting to everyone, or trying to use facebooks poorly made grouping system to post to groups.

Yes I think Circles needs more refining though
So bad she decided not to actually post anything, still more than 5000 people following a blank page....
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