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...more Genocide policy from the USraeli Government. Very useful domestic cleansing policy too for their militarized police.

F*ck those Native Americans and Blacks.
In North Dakota, Republicans introduced a bill that would allow motorists to run over and kill any protester obstructing a highway.
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Hank Stalica

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Hank Stalica

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Just uninstalled chrome in protest of the new Google+.  Firefox is kind of nice.
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I use Firefox, and have used it continually, for many years. :-)
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Hank Stalica

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Well said, depressing, and true.
Less than 24 hours from now, the great American experiment moves from Republic to Oligarchy.
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Hank Stalica

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Jill H
One of the finest men ever. I'm going to miss him so much. Today is a day of mourning. 
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Hank Stalica

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Hank Stalica

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It's amazing to me that I can share this in good conscience, and mean it, more or less, as a compliment to Bush.
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