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Almost six months ago, I was on stage at Google I/O to announce Google App Engine's plans to leave Preview later in the year. And, after a huge amount of hard work by our team in that time, today Google App Engine is no longer a Preview product!

Since I've joined the team almost a year ago, I've talked to an enormous number of customers and worked with an awesome set of developers that produced all of the new features that have made this possible. The release of the High Replication datastore, Backends, Python 2.7, Premier Accounts - these are just some of the features that have enabled us to graduate from Preview. We now have over 100 billion+ monthly hits, 300,000+ active apps, and 100,000+ developers using our product every month! Apparently developers and business like the "easy to use, easy to scale, and free to get started" approach :)

For all the details on today's release, head over to our blog. You can also join us over the next few days for Office Hours using Google+ hangouts!
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