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We offer Invisalign treatment at our office. Invisalign treatment works with clear aligners which are custom made to fit your teeth. These aligners gently move teeth correct various issues including crowding, spacing between teeth, rotated teeth etc. The length of treatment depends on level of difficulty of the case. It can range from 6 months to 2 years. Schedule your consultation with your Etobicoke dentist to get more information from your dentist. 

What if the tooth has too big a cavity to be saved with a filling or fell out early on its own?
It is quite common, since baby teeth have less enamel then adult teeth, for a cavity to spread deep beyond repair. It is also common for children to loose baby teeth much earlier then when it's adult counterpart is meant to come out. If extraction of a baby tooth is the only option, and the adult tooth still is not close to coming out, we will usually suggest placing a temporary appliance called a space maintainer. This appliance is cemented onto the tooth next to the empty space and stays in the mouth until the adult tooth comes in.
We provide all dental related services in our Etobicoke Dental Office. We have a great team of very experienced dentist who can help you with any of your dental needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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As per patient request, we are OPEN December 27th to December 31st; Monday to Wednesday 10-7pm, Thursday 10-5pm, Friday 8-3, and Saturday from 8-1pm for Dental Cleanings, Dental Treatment and Emergencies
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Dental Implants Pros and Cons
•Replacement only of the root of the tooth not affecting the neighboring tooth
•Easily maintained the same way you brush and floss your natural teeth
•Look and feel the same way as our natural teeth
•Built with the highest quality standards normally made with titanium, making them resistant to decay and gum problems
•Costlier than bridges but cheaper in the long term proven to last longer than a bridge, typically not covered by insurance plans
•Average procedure length 4-6 months also depending how long the tooth has been missing; when a tooth has been long for a long period of time a bone graft may be required

Dental Bridges Pros and Cons
•It is a frame that has 2 crowns (abutment) and a false tooth (pontic) attached to it
•Two healthy teeth are ‘prepped’ and are grounded down to act as anchors of the bridge, these teeth are then covered by the bridge, the pontic is placed above the gum to replace the missing tooth
•The two teeth can be subject to decay and/or fracture
•Less expensive than a dental implant but typically only last 10-12 years, often covered by insurance plans
•Must use a different floss to clean and maintan the bridge
Speak with Dr Mangat or Dr Gavin on what procedure is right for you, every treatment depends on the patients oral hygiene care, gum and bone support, number of missing teeth, health of the neighboring teeth, costs, and medical conditions.

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I had fillings done, and keep getting food trapped? Why is this happening?
* When fillings are placed, ideally they should be in close contact with the neighboring tooth, and open contact filling or open margin filling is when there in insufficient composite or amalgum placed resulting in a space between the teeth
* It can easily be corrected by replacing the filling or adding to the filling
* If left untreated it can lead to gum disease including gingivitis and periodontal disease with the constant food being trapped
* X-rays will reveal the open contact/margins and the Dentist can explain to you what is happening in detail
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The temporo-mandibular joint(TMJ) is located on both sides of the head where the jaw meets the skull. If the joint becomes displaces or overworked to due to excessive teeth grinding, a person can suffer from headaches and soreness of the jaw limiting their abilities for everyday life.
Botox can be used as an alternative treatment for TMD, headaches, grinding/clenching, bruxism. Scientific studies have shown that it can lead to significant improvements in patient’s ability to function and relieves jaw tension.
Dr Mangat is able to treat patients by injecting the botox into the temporalis, frontal, and masseter muscles that can cause jaw discomfort and headaches. It helps relax the muscles by blocking the nerve signals that cause the uncontrolled movement. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and requires treatment few times a year.
Botox is considered a safe alternative to treating TMJ issues but other medications can interfere with the effect of botox treatment. Thus, it should be disclosed if you are using any medications, surgeries prior to its use.
Most pharmaceutical plans cover the cost of the medication with an out of pocket expense for the injection. It is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to ensure their plan allows for botox to be used for medication purposes. Our staff can assist you in determining your coverage or providing alternative financial options. #dentistinetobicoke #tmjdentistinetobicoke #tmjdentistintoronto #implantsintoronto #implantsinetobicoke #teethwhiteningintoronto #teethwhiteninginetobicoke #veneersintoronto #veneersinetobicoke #invisaligninetobicoke #invisalignintoronto #mysticpointedental

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Many dairy products are naturally high in calcium. Calcium is responsible for building up enamel as well as strengthening the bone around your teeth. It’s also been suggested that dairy products create a thin coating on your teeth that works to block natural acids in your mouth that can cause tooth decay. #dentistinetobicoke #mysticpointedental #mimicocreekdental #dentistintoronto #dentalimplantsintoronto #invisalignintoronto #whiteningintoronto

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Check out your local Etobicoke Dentist Dr Mangat's quarterly articles in Hello Etobicoke Magazine!

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Your Dentist in Etobicoke, is now offering Conscious Sedation Dentistry for patients. This is suitable for patients with high level anxiety. We offer Nitrous Oxide "laughing gas". It is considered a mild form of General Anesthetic, that places you in a Euphoric state. An estimate can be sent to your Insurance provider for coverage or payable directly on the day of your dentist visit.

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We recently had questions regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services removing flossing as a recommended practice due to weak unreliable research.

What is our take on this?
• When sugar is not cleaned off your teeth, the bacteria feeds on it and producing an acidic environment, with this combination and food pieces’ plaque is formed and a sticky coating begins to form on the teeth, the acid wears away the enamel and continues to erode the tooth
• We know plaque hardens in 90 days, that can cause gingivitis and or even periodontal disease
• Tooth brushing cleans all ‘exposed parts of your teeth’, but what about in between the teeth?
• Bacteria harboured in between the teeth, can cause decay not only to the surface of one tooth, but if its left there long enough it effects the neighboring tooth as well
• Heard a Dentist say, we will ‘’watch that tooth, floss it daily’’ well if the cavity is in its early stages, it does not always need be filled, as the process can be reversed if cared for adequately
• Our Practice, continues to recommend interdental aids unique to our patient’s oral cavity and their oral self care habits; this may include regular floss, interdental brushes, air flosser or water picks
• A variety of products are available to patients and it can often be confusing, speak to your Dental Hygienist on what Oral Self Care Routine is suitable for you
• Yes, and all our staff agree, we love electric toothbrushes but if done properly and adequately regular toothbrushes may be recommended
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