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Boone County Fire Protection District
Volunteer Firefighters lending "a helping hand"
Volunteer Firefighters lending "a helping hand"

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School is in session - Boone County's newest firefighters start their 4 month training journey this evening. Welcome to the family!

We're dusting off the Google+ keyboard. We'd appreciate your feedback and thoughts on how we can best meet your information needs. Let us know how we can be a better G+ member.

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See what it looked like in Joplin, MO as crews from Missouri Task Force 1 performed search and rescue operations following the tornado.

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If you live in Columbia or Boone County, take 5 minutes to help us help you during an emergency. Set up a Smart911 account today. It's free and helps us and the dispatch center help you when you're not home or when you're too sick to communicate. Let us know if you have any questions

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Only 2 weeks left to become a part of our August volunteer firefighter recruit academy. Our application deadline is MAY 25 so apply today! Join the national movement towards volunteer service and be a part of something bigger. It's the experience of a lifetime.

Got a late start this morning following an extrication involving a semi last night on I-70. We'll try to reschedule our Google Hangout for next week. Look forward to talking to you then!

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We're interested in your input! As a beta test, we would like to schedule a Google Hangout on Friday at 10:00AM. It's an open session so pop in and chat. The session will be what you make of it. Look forward to seeing you!

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Pictures of a garage fire in Sturgeon, MO January 15th
Sturgeon Garage Fire - January 15, 2012 (13 photos)
13 Photos - View album

We're entertaining the idea of holding "chat" sessions with the public via Google Hangouts. Opportunity to meet your responders and get your questions answered. What do you think?

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Glad to see we're not the only Fire Departments exploring Google+ as a way to reach our customers. Great to be in such good company.
This is our Fire Departments Circle. We've shared this circle for others interested in seeing all the fire departments on G+. If you know of any fire departments missing from the list, please let us know.
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