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Birthday Giveaway

The birthday giveaway has ended, the luck winner was +Branislav Baštovanov +Wendy Stever

6AM Nelson Lakes

Around nelson there are several beautiful national parks. Nelson Lakes being one of them. We camped the night just by this jetty. I woke up with a full bladder in the early hours and grumpily headed towards the campsite toilets.. but on route looked out towards the lake and saw this beautiful layer of mist hugging the surface. So of course had to grab my camera and take several images including this stitch.

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Whoop whoop!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Did you pee before taking the shot, while taking the shot or after?
happy birthday tomorrow (still Feb 29th here)
Thanks +Gilmar Smith

hmm ... I think I must have pee'd before taking the shot... But don't worry I would have washed my hands before picking up the camera.
Happy early Birthday! Wow, amazing shot! Very Impressive!

Happy birthday and really nice of you to be in the giving spirit instead of the common "getting" spirit. :-)
Great mood created by the way you toned the image. Nice work!
Absolutely gorgeous +Ben Smith .... Lovely shot! Thanks for sharing with #widewednesdaypanorama
Thanks +Andrew Marston .. it's that beautiful blue morning light before the sun rises.. The daylight White Balance brings it out beautifully.
Shouldn't we be giving you free prints?! Happy birthday, may it be an incredible one.
+Zach Blackwood .. Thanks... it used to be a tradition in my old office that on your birthday you had to bring in cake for everyone in the office. I kinda feel that this is the Google+ equivalent.. ;-)

+Nate LaClaire Thanks :-)
This a beautiful picture. I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow.
+noi sirirut ... one of the benefits of living in New Zealand.. we're always a day ahead of you..;-)

+Vanita Taylor-Fulton ... Thanks .. :).. though it's definitely today here..;-)
Amazing Picture, it would look fab on my website
Hey +Jane O Jane ... it's definitely the 1st of March here in New Zealand..;-)... we see the day first here
yeahhh you are right .. haha .. i forget ... well, Happy Birthday ... I was just exited for the Feb 29 . ;) Happy BD to BEN!!
Vik S
wow!! checked out your other photos, very cool!!!
Very intelligent the double axis reflection...
Hope you have a VERY happy birthday!
Happy birthday... Although, technically, being British, you still haven't been born as its 22:34. ;-)
That is just absolutely gorgeous! There are no words!
Happy Birthday Ben, it's my daughter's 7th birthday today too :)
happy bday! I hope this year is amazing for you and that you reach your goals!
Happy B-Day!!
I Will be turning 31 on march 1. Still 29th here in US. Great photo n happy birthday!
Thanks +Chloe Tugliach +Izmeray Hernandez +Michael Taggart +Wendy Stever +hannah ward +William Hollie +Anesu Chiwaka +Marc Davies +Brandi M Polier +Emma jaynes +Mr. J. Taylor Woods II +Lisa Ng +Ruslana Demille +Tim Van Dusen +Hido Hasimbegovic (say happy birthday to your daughter from me!) +Magdalena Steplewski +Jacqueline Simays +B C +TONY PEGGY JEBIDIAH MRMINDY LEONARDELLI (The magic of timezones!) +Clayton Vernal +Jason Harmer ...

and don't forget that to be eligible for the print giveaway you have also got to circle me too... ;-)
Happy Birthday! This image is fantastic, love the "fuzziness" of the water...
Ro Roe
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday and niceeeeee
pic :)
Absolutely brilliant! I've always wanted to travel to NZ! Thanks for sharing.
Happy birthday! Without your sharing, i will never see the nice view!
Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your birthday with your cool and stunning pictures.
Happy Birthday!!! BEAUTIFUL IMAGES...... :)
Happy Birthday! 生日快乐
Many Many happy returns of day &many more to come....Happy Birthday.....
Happy Birthday to you. Have a good year...
I really like this photo....says alot with not saying much....
beautiful lively colors!!! great capture!
I'm on March 6th. Happy Birthday. Print plaese!!!!
+Yaswanth Kini .. Happy Birthday for the 6th... If you share this post and circle me then you'll have the same chance as the 142 other people that have done so far..;-)
happy birthday & many many returns of the day.
Happy Birthday I'M sure you've heard it a thousand times so one more won't the way your pics are AWESOME, I share them with my friends. Hope you have a GREAT day.
WOW!!!! 152 shares +Ben Smith !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! you really rocked this!
ay, not bad for only 2,000 circlee's ..:-)
I think this must be a famous dock... I have seen it before. Sharing for the print.
You're like Balki Bartokomous giving gifts on your birthday. Not sure if that reference translates to NZ, I'm from Canada so bear with me.
Ok.. I've just done the draw.. and the winner is...

drum role...

+Branislav Baštovanov

Thanks for everyone for taking part and sharing and for all the birthday wishers... sorry you didn't win this time.... but, watch my stream as I may do this again in a few weeks time..;-)
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