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Ashley Kirk
Digital journalist studying Interactive Journalism at City University London
Digital journalist studying Interactive Journalism at City University London

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What I learned from teaching data journalism
I have been teaching an Introduction to Data Journalism module to a group of MA Journalism students at City University London this year. They were a varied group of Interactive, Investigative, Finance and Erasmus students - of many different backgrounds, fr...

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Sourcing information for journalism: Where to find your data
There are many different sources we can go to when looking for data to tell a story. These can be more complex, like scraping , freedom of information requests or querying APIs, but there are also many websites that already host public datasets that are eas...

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Poisonous statistics: How bad numbers could influence a generation's future
£350m per week. According to some, that's the amount of money the UK gives to the EU. Of course, it's not. We instead pay around £250m per week, due to the rebate that reduces the amount we pay - but that doesn't stop people saying and believing the first n...

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Mapping with CartoDB: Solutions to problems faced by the journalist user
CartoDB is a great mapping tool for journalists. I've used it personally and professionally, to help tell the data-driven stories I produce. It can be used to visually improve the stories you seek to tell, using interactive maps to help readers engage with ...

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The challenges of using data to hold power to account
Recently I investigated how much money MPs stepping down in the 2015 general election are due to make on their second homes for which they claimed expenses . They made this money through both the expenses they claimed on their second homes, which can be ext...

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"Data for data's sake": When is it the right time to invest lots of time in big visualisation projects?
When I started as a data journalist at The Telegraph , I was warned of "doing data for data's sake". At the time, I wasn't exactly sure what this meant. Was I supposed to not take lots of time analysing complicated datasets, in favour of quick, snappy data-...

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Five Things I learned at Web Summit 2015
Data scientists (and journalists) need to "do code" Wes McKinney’s talk at the data summit was all about data scientists - and the shortage of them. It’s a job title that means different things to different people, but he helped define what the specific tit...

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What content should you focus on as a data journalist?
As a data journalist in a modern newsroom, you will have to seriously think about what type of content you want, and should, produce. Quick, social-focused, data-led posts, designed to be churned out quickly with the news cycle; or longer-term projects, oft...

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The challenge for the data journalist in the newsroom
After spending the last few months as a data journalist at a national newspaper in the UK , I’ve had time to reflect on what the role means in today’s journalism industry. The role comes with immense opportunity, exciting for a journalist who seeks to uncov...

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Three programming languages that data journalists should learn
Having recently started as a data journalist at The Telegraph  after completing my Interactive Journalism MA, I've been figuring out what I should focus on learning next. While you can do a lot with the functions in Excel or Google Sheets, as well as the pl...
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