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Duncan Double
Director, Institute of Critical Psychiatry
Director, Institute of Critical Psychiatry

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Buying into the idea of chemical imbalance causes psychotropic medication discontinuation problems
As mentioned in my previous post , I have been reading The sedated society: The causes and harms of our psychiatric drug epidemic   edited by James Davies (2017). The chapter by Luke Montagu, entitled "Desperate for a fix: My story of pharmacetical misadven...

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Social construction of childhood depression
Sami Timimi, in his chapter "Starting young: Children cultured into becoming psycho-pharmaceutical consumers - The example of childood depression" in The sedated society ,  describes   how SSRI antidepressant prescribing for young people has increased, apar...

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Meyerian history and examination in psychiatry
I mentioned the article about One hundred years of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins in my previous post . The article focuses on how Adolf Meyer developed an organised approach for history taking and mental state examination in psychiatry, which became standard ...

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Critiquing the neuro-turn
Roger Cooter has an article on why the neuro-turn in popular and academic culture needs to be taken seriously. I tend to regard it as 'neo-phrenological phantasy' (eg. see  previous post ), but Roger cautions against being "so lightly dismissive". The neuro...

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The club of consultant psychiatrists
I started as a consultant psychiatrist 25 years ago today. This was in Sheffield. I had been told at my interview that it was like I was joining a club. I guess it has been a privileged position. At that time, my contract was with Sheffield Health Authority...

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Is schizophrenia associated with brain volume changes independently of medication?
Further to my previous post , I have been looking at the 2010 study by Jo Moncrieff & Jonathan Leo on the effects of antipsychotic drugs on brain volume. I had not looked at this study before my previous post and perhaps I was being unfair concluding there ...

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Modern resurgence of biomedical psychiatry may be totally based on an artefact
As Robin Murray mentioned in his article discussed in a previous post , a 1976 paper by Eve Johnstone, Tim Crow et al showing cerebral ventricular enlargement in chronic schizophrenia "kickstarted the huge and ongoing endeavour of neuroimaging in psychosis"...

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Constructing a psychiatric future
I'm not sure if Nassir Ghaemi 's letter to a medical student about choosing psychiatry as a speciality (see Medscape article ) is another acknowledgement of mistakes in his career, like that of Robin Murray (see previous post ). He says that DSM is "inheren...

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Rethinking antipsychotic medication treatment
In a comment on my previous post about his article, Robin Murray has highlighted what he calls critical psychiatry's "scepticism about the unthinking advocacy of prophylactic antipsychotics". I think he has in mind a BJPsych article , which discuses the lac...

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Reassessing sociopsychobiological psychiatry
In a BJPsych article , Will Davies  &  Rebecca Roache  (2017) identify a philosophical research programme for reconceptualising George Engel's biopsychosocial paradigm. I have always argued that Engel's biopsychosocial model and, before that, Adolf Meyer's ...
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