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Yup.  This is how it works at our place.

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It's a girl! Meet Ginger.
It's a girl! Meet Ginger
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+Matthew Inman, I'm lookin' at you...
#iGnani : Current War

Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla - - - - SHARE it

Having a little spam problem and wondering if the tech crowd here has any suggestions.

I own a domain.  It's pretty simple; I have Google Apps on it and Custom DNS and I've used it for the catchall mail address and for remote access occasionally.  Essentially I read my email from a quiet account on my own domain, and outbound mail appears to come from my gmail account and is sent from gmail, so the real account is under the radar and not known to hardly anyone.

One use, which I've mentioned here before, is that I have the option turned on where nonexistent user emails go to me.  This is my bugmenot solution.  Suppose I'm signing up for; I would use the email dodgeysite@my.domain to register.  The email would get to me, and if I'm suddenly massively spammed at that address, a) I know the source who sold out my information and b) I can create an actual user in google apps for next to nothing as a bit bucket and obliterate that spam source.  That was the theory; now it's a habit.

So at this point, years later, I have almost everything I have ever signed up for going to these nonexistent addresses.  To find them all would be a pain, and to create them all would actually at some point get expensive; I'd have to upgrade Google apps from  free to paid to manage those addresses, only to have them all forward to the same catchall mail address I actually read my email at.  Not all the web sites have reasonable "I want to change my email" processes.  So turning off the "unknown users go to me" option is not an attractive option.

Recently, some spammer has begun spoofing random email addresses at my domain.  I am getting the bounce messages from hexadecimal generated addresses at my domain.  That's a whole new problem; I don't use generated emails like that.  I looked at the headers on a fully quoted bounce message-- it doesn't appear to come from my IP or from Google Apps, so I don't think that my systems or accounts have been compromised.  (I have 2 step turned on all my real google accounts and I don't actually have anything serving up remote access at home at the moment.) It's a poorly spoofed message from some random dsl pool somewhere.  Maybe a botnet?

I'm afraid my domain will get blacklisted.  I'm already getting message bounce messages that say you appear to be a spammer.  I don't really use the domain for outbound mail so the blacklist wouldn't really harm me currently, but in principle, the name I chose for my domain, I reserved because it's special to me, and has been for over 20 years.  I don't want to see it blacklisted.

I'm getting spammed in a whole new way.

I'm not sure what recourse, if any, I have here.

Any suggestions?

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With & without the Oxford comma:

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Wow. Just wow.
Basically every note, every part. I've never heard this detailed a solo.

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Here's the official Duck Tape Tron commercial, on YouTube.

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