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A Fakh
it's plus for a reason
it's plus for a reason

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Hiking with the Redds!

i don't see you with a fungineering degree

Oregon St vs Boise st in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl Next week. This gonna be a good game? should I bother going? Was gonna take the kiddo and see how long he lasts

I know the 2014 CTS is redesigned, but what do people think of the 2013 CTS?

why does it cost $110 for my son to take a picture with a dolphin? It takes MAX 5min. That dolphin is making $1320/hr. I'm in the wrong profession. I need to learn to do some flips......

"Hahaha, you hit like a vegetarian!"

Just saw a new 4 Series on the road. That thing is beautiful!

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A friend showed me this. Good stuff

For anybody (else) ordering more things off of amazon this year, straight from the mouth of a warehouse worker: "I feel genuinely sorry for any child who ever asks me for anything for Christmas, only to be informed that every time a "Place Order" button rings, a poor person takes four Advil and gets told they suck at their job."
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