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THE COMPLETE MEMORY IMPROVEMENT COURSE - Your Ultimate Guide to a Stronger Memory

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In this course, you will find actionable, easy-to-apply concepts and activities that can be used immediately.
Keep in mind that these methods and systems are tested and used by memory experts and they will also work for you!
If you consistently apply the memory techniques presented in this course, in addition to improving memory, you will notice an improvement in the overall quality of your life!

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This course is the first part of the series "The Memory Techniques Course" and includes the Basic Mnemonic Systems.

It will be continued with the second part, dedicated to the Advanced Mnemonic Systems.
If you want to go further and learn advanced memory techniques used by memory athletes in competitions, I recommend the second part of this course as the next step.
The second part, dedicated to those who want to continue on the path of improving memory, will be available soon after the release of this course.

What is the challenge of this course?
In the first place, I want to make you understand what memory improvement is about, and see for yourself just how simple and handy this skill is!
After you understand how it works, and I guarantee that you'll understand it after watching this course, improving your memory will be just a matter of consistency and practice.
In this course, you will find simple techniques that you can apply in your daily life, that can ensure your success in different situations that you face everyday. Each method is explained in detail and with examples.
You will also learn tips and tricks from the memory experts, to help you memorize more effectively.
What are the requirements?
• No prior knowledge in memory improvement required
• You will see for yourself how simple and handy this skill is!

What am I going to get from this course?
This methods will help you:
- to remember where you put your things ( your keys, your eyeglasses , or other things)
- to remember shopping lists or to-do lists;
- to remember appointments, birthdays and anniversaries;
You will be able to memorize Everyday Numbers such as: Credit Card Numbers , The CVV of your Credit card, PIN numbers , Bank account numbers , Combinations for locks and safes, Telephone numbers, Computer passwords,and so on.
You can use this Memory Techniques in your career, for memorizing speeches and presentations, the dates and hours of your business meetings, the topics that you want to discuss at this meetings and other important things in your career.
If you’re a student, this methods will give you a boost for studying: Poems, History, Biology, Medical Terms, Mathematics or anything you want to learn.
These methods will also help you learn foreign languages faster and easily.

Who is the target audience?
• Anyone looking to develop new learning and memory improvement skills
• For those who aspire to improve themselves and aim to become a better and well-equipped individual
• People who are interested in improving their memory and their overall mental performance!
• Biohackers, who want to know more insights about how to hack their hippocampus (memory)
• Students who want to perform better in school or university and want to spend less time studying!
• People who think they have a bad memory and want to do something about it!
• Anyone who wants to challenge their brain and wants to learn something new about how to make the brain work more efficiently!
• Hard-working individuals who are willing to apply what they have learned!

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What is the challenge of this course?

Do you feel lack of inspiration when you have to design or memorize a speech?
Are you concerned that you might suffer a mind blank during a speech?
Don't worry!
This course will give you effective tools and ideas to help you master this area.
At the end of this course, you will understand how to use memory techniques in designing and memorizing any speech or presentation, and you will see just how simple and handy this skill is!
By using the memory techniques presented in this course, it will be very easy for you to memorize the important points of speech or even the entire speech or presentation, and eliminate the fear of forgetting forever.
These techniques are used in all stages of the speech, from preparation to delivery.
Each technique is explained in detail and with a lot of examples.
You will also learn tips and tricks from the experts, to help you perform more effectively.
In the Bonus Section, I will show you how to use the memory techniques to effectively retain jokes and funny stories.

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