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I know good things will come of this, but I find the image horrific.

Just put a bar-code and company logo on the bag and the animal inside, and you have a potent symbol for the commoditization of life and what it portends.

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Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?

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Character assassination.

We don't like what you're saying. Instead of addressing it honestly, point for point, we are going to dig into your past and bring up shit to humiliate you online. You must learn that you cannot make a statement that is outside of accepted doctrine.

Wired should be ashamed of themselves. But, of course, they aren't.

This from people who signify themselves as having the virtue of being on the side compassion and understanding and inclusion.

It's bullying.

This is the penalty for thoughtcrime and speechcrime in our era.

How would anyone like to have this sort of thing done for what he or she said in an earnest, moderate article aimed at improving the company for which he or she worked?

+Impact Miniatures does business in good faith. They keep up their end of the bargain.

My order was missing a die. I sent an email. It was promptly answered. A replacement die was then shipped. I received it. It all occurred very quickly.

Very impressed, because this is not the first example of great business practice from this company.

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Anyone interested in the current news regarding the Google doc calling Google's diversity policy into question might want to watch this.

Pepsi 1893 Cola is... eh.

Too sweet. But, then Pepsi in general is too sweet. I've found that colas that are legitimately cola in that they use kola nut... there is this kind of robotussin-like flavor to them... like an artificial grape sort of flavor that is cloying and almost has a clove-like quality to it. There is a bit of that here, but just a bit. Mostly it's just sweet.

I think if the sweetness were mitigated, some of the other flavors would come out. Supposedly it has some bitters in it, but I have a hard time detecting those.

My favorite cola currently is from Oak Cliff Texas Real Sugar Cola syrup. It also has "Classic Cane" on the label.

Went to school to learn C++ for game development a long time ago. Haven't coded C++ in a very long time.

Gonna start doing it again.

I toyed with the idea of using Unity, but the effort to learn C#, although similar to C++, daunted me. I learned C++ and was comfortable with it. So, I think I'll start a few projects with it and see where that takes me.

First project is going to be a small DCC RPG combat tracker I posted about on the DCCRPG G+ community.

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Whenever I look at this, I laugh.

It is as dangerous to the wielder as it is to anyone else.

I've been GMing a DCC group for over a year now, and I have yet to use any of the Ronco material.

RPG peeps:

What are the best, shortest adventures you've been on, GMed?

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A friend of mine recently accused me of being a kool-aid drinking kook for saying that there is a serious, growing pattern of students who feel entitled telling University faculty and administration what and how they should teach, threatening to overturn the tradition of Greek education... which is based on the free expression of ideas and exposing oneself purposefully to different points of view... and open debate of those ideas and points of view.

I said that there are a number of places where speakers are not allowed to speak merely because students feel uncomfortable with the subject matter. I also said that students are becoming increasingly brazen and disruptive in their behavior, as is evident with the case of Evergreen. Students are demanding changes in syllabi, demanding that certain courses be stricken from the roster, professors be fired, etc.

He said I was making mountains out of molehills and that I was taking one or two examples and acting as if it was evidence of a pervasive pattern.

Later on, it occurred to me that Barack Obama had addressed this problem. My friend is a liberal. I suppose either he's got to believe that Obama has quaffed the same kool-aid as I supposedly have and is just as much of a kook... or that this is an issue serious and prevalent enough that the former President felt he should make a public statement regarding it.

He said I was being extreme in my views and brought them under scrutiny, asking for concrete examples. Yet when it came to the students who claim that their very lives are threatened merely by having someone speak about a subject or claim that a speaker is supportive of rape, he brings no such criticism to those issues, and is content to think of them as moderate, reasonable individuals.

He also started interpreting my comments literally and out of context, putting words in my mouth which were truly over the top, telling me, "That is what you're saying when you say, ..." and then he'd repeat my words. The interpretations broke good faith, because they were outside of the context which had been clearly established. For instance, when I said that students should not define University curriculum, he said I was claiming that students should have no control over which classes they take, their electives, etc., which is nothing like what I had said.

He's done this before. When we argue over points which make him uncomfortable, there is a point in which he starts misconstruing my words, putting words in my mouth, and interpreting what I'm saying in the most extreme terms... as if I were some mouth-frothing crazy kook.

This is a person who I've known for years and who knows me to be moderate in my actions and decisions... no kook with diagrams made in yarn tied to pins on my apartment walls, connecting taped-up pictures, scrawled drawings on napkins, and news/magazine articles.

Yet, he is willing to believe that I'm a kook and people he doesn't even know who make truly radical claims, "I won't feel safe on campus if Warren Farrell talks... I'm scared for my personal safety..." he cuts tons of slack and believes them moderate, totally reasonable, and well-intentioned.

It's very disappointing.

This is not what a reasonable, moderate person does. That's what a true believer does.
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