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Complete curriculum for K-8 math, vocabulary, and fact fluency
Complete curriculum for K-8 math, vocabulary, and fact fluency

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The catalysts behind MobyMax’s efficiency and effectiveness in the
classroom is the Find-Learn-Practice-Review Cycle. MobyMax is
able to teach students up to 3 times as fast as other curricula by
finding missing skills, teaching those skills with targeted instruction,
practicing skills until mastery is demonstrated, and implementing a
review cycle to ensure complete retention.

With the help of diagnostic placement tests, MobyMax is able to
create a unique curriculum for each student. Moby targets areas
where the student is struggling and doesn’t waste time reteaching
concepts that students have already mastered. Student data is
continually updated as students progress, so you know exactly how
each student is performing on all standards in the common core.

MobyMax is for all students. Moby's adaptive curriculum creates a
unique, individualized education plan for each student, allowing
gifted students to progress as quickly as they like while
simultaneously ensuring that remedial students get the extra
instruction they need. You've never experienced differentiation like
this in the classroom.
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