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+Evan Bashir and I made this video for one of our favourite +Dash Berlin songs! Check it out!

We're hoping to get Dash Berlin's attention and have it made the OFFICIAL video! Help us out by liking, faving, sharing, etc :D

#EDM #DashBerlin #Trance #Trancefamily #PLUR

Dash Berlin - To Be The One (feat. Idaho) UNOFFICIAL VIDEO
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Some great images but some constructive are working with four visual themes - the journey, urban beauty, natural beauty and human beauty. My suggestion would be a re-edit where the journey happens chronologically either from urban to nature or the other way round highlighting the human beauty in each environment. I just think it would give the clip more cohesion and maintain viewer attention. Narrative is important (to me at least but I am old). I realize it is a trance clip and that diffusion is more important than cohesion usually but the song has a progressive lyric line that would work with this. But there is great footage in this video and I enjoyed it.
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