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All this Damon love x_x what about the younger Salvatore? Honestly, next to  Klaus, I think Stefan is one of the most interesting characters due to his Ripper past. There is so much more to him than the past seasons have let on. We've witnessed the two extremes. The Stefan that is faithfully devoted to Elena and therefore denies himself of anything that might tip off his bad side. Then there was the Stefan that was just so blood thirsty and monster-like. Now, without Elena, we will get to see Stefan anew; a cunning and playfully dangerous man who doesn't have the old ball and chain holding him back. I wonder what the future holds for this Salvatore brother?
Who do you think is the most interesting character? 
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I honestly even from the very beginning thought that Damon was the most interesting.  At first I hated him but there was like so many layers of him I didn't know and that is why I believe he is. 
Every character is interesting for own history and for as develops. Certainly Stefan is one of the most complex and very interesting characters. It will never find according to me the internal peace it will continually be in conflict with himself.
Its quite true.... And I think that Stefan is the most interesting character<3
true stefen is interesting but so is damon. just think how much damon is always hiding.
I do think Damon is battling a lot of demons. He's like a puzzle. I don't understand him. For instance, this new Damon that we are seeing that is somewhat kind, is that a true character or someone to impress Elena? 
Damon is turning good bcuz elenas goodness inspires him
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