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Carl used to get on my nerves, I mean who has time to deal with a bratty kid when there is a zombie apocalypse going on!? But after he killed Dale (yeah I said it) he's grown up a lot. I guess that's what happens when you involuntarily knock off characters because you didn't stay in the house. In season three he was actually a character I really wanted to stick around 
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I stuck by him from the beginning. Also, this unfair persecution for the death of an old man that was told to "bug off" by practically everybody? It's beyond rediculous. Maybe if someone had gone out with him instead of shunning him, Dale would have died later.
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I was completely ready for him to get eaten. I'm glad they decided to make him a stronger character.
i'm still on the fence about carl still upset over dale but... tdogg  was it just me or should someone have had his back while he was shutting the gate.. i'm too invested lol
lol yeahhh thats what i thought too lol
Lol +Lord Dissident you're not meant to take offense to the comment, it was merely a joke. Though I do believe that Carl provoked the zombie and that's what set things in motion. AND that Dale was a loss to the group because he was the voice of reason. At the same time, for things to progress as they have you kind of had to lose the person with the most humility. I don't think he would have survived very long if he made it to season 3. And someone should have def helped TDogg out lol...Carol was supposed to be on back duty
I felt bad after the gruesome deaths of Shane, Dale, T-Dogg,and Lorie(Especially Lorie an T-Dogg) Poor Lorie Died naked on a prison floor in a puddle of blood, afterbirth, and a cord hangin out her. Poor T-Dogg had a good 150 pounds of flesh eaten from his bones before he was found...Damn...When they kill off main characters now, they really go for the throat. lol.
one of my favourite "Carl becoming a badass" moments from the show is when Rick and Carl open the gate to save michonne. Carl goes to retrieve the basket of supplies, while Rick heads towards michonne. not once did Rick even scan the area or tell Carl to be careful. that lack of caution kind of showed that Rick has full confidence in Carl now.
+Amanda burkhart I'm extremely emotionally invested in the show as well, and my mouth hit the floor when all the main characters well killed off in cluster-f*ck-fashion. I just didn't see it coming. Broke my heart how it happened. Wicked curveball by the writers.
T-Dogg went out like a "G" ...
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