Did anyone else get extremely sad when Hedwig died? I just thought it was so unfair...there was so much of the world left for that owl to see. 
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ikr...just the other day i suddenly felt depressed when i remembered hedwig's death
Anna G
Did you have to remind me? Now ai feel so sad ai can't see.
what was really sad was how she died in the book
she died in her cage 
while doing nearly nothing
at least in the movie they made her death seem a bit heroic
And that was the moment my kids said, "no more HP books."  Guess we will finish reading that last one in a year or two.  There were tears and nightmares and woe for about a month afterwards, so its probably for the best I didn't read on  :P
I could understand how Hedwig's death could be seen as "growing up." Things got pretty serious afterwards and Hedwig was pretty much a comforting animal from his childhood. +Tami Baeighkley  Aww your kids really felt for that beautiful white owl. I was crushed when I read the passage. I honestly had to put the book down for a minute
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