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Favorite character from the comics: Tyrese. 
This man knows how to handle business; whether it be zombies, his kid getting it on with her scrawny boyfriend, women, whatever it is. He's ready to kick butt any time of the day. I thought it was so hilarious that as the group is being swarmed with walkers, he busts through the door to find his daughter getting ready to do the nasty with her boyfriend lol and yells at them for being idiots. Then scolds her later on. Good job Tyrese, good job. 
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James F
Can't wait to see what his character is gonna bring to the show. He did a great job on The Wire.
He's a badass for sure! I loved how he took out the whole gym full of walkers by himself with only his hammer. Plus, any man that can handle Michonne is not a man to be trifled with!
I live in the Bahamas and I think it would be awful during a Zombie Apocalypse here. Its hot all the time so the undead will probably stink to high heaven and there are limited places to hide.
I wonder how zombies would do in the water? An island can only have so many on it. Clear a small island and never worry again.
+Kevin Cassady I just read that scene today. So crazy, only a g could make it out of that one. 
+David Post I've wondered about that too. I think some would probably get washed up on shore every now and then though. Cuz if they can still somehow be alive when they are decapitated, or left with only one half of their body, or even when they are frozen...they will somehow be able to survive the sea. 
Wonder if Tyrese and Rick gonna duke it out!!
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