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Ragnar Miljeteig
Somewhat random guy on the internet.
Somewhat random guy on the internet.

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Check out my post on Postjoint about how you can position yourself to get better results.

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"Society Trap" - via @joerogan(from Joe Rogan Experience #389) "Society Trap" - Joe Rogan (from Joe Rogan Experience #389) … | My eyes are open. How about you?

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Hmm.. just when I wanted to break free from the need of public validation after reading Jeff Goins' manifesto.

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Ragnar Miljeteig commented on a post on Blogger.
Damn ain't this the truth. The one problem I had was that whenever Christmas or my birthday came around, because people had no clear idea of what to give me, and they feel that just money is rude, I would end up with a whole bunch of stuff I didn't necessarily need..
Now, the problem has gotten smaller as I grow older, because not everyone in our extended family feels pressure to give me gifts anymore, it's still quite a lot of stuff that adds up.

That's why I've started wishing for two things. Consumables, and experiences. Like a steak, or a ticket to a cool movie. Great gifts that don't end up complicating your life!
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