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Rich Gibson
I take high resolution pictures, make code, art, hack objects, and write.
I take high resolution pictures, make code, art, hack objects, and write.

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Netflix is dividing into two businesses. I think it makes perfect sense for them. We have passed peak DVD, but there is still money to be made there. By splitting the two businesses they spin off the old business so that they can manage the innovators dilemma.


But customers are losing a chunk of the beautiful interface Netflix created for browsing and deciding what to watch next.

The answer is to create a federated cataloging and recommendation management system.

In my view you would run a client, ie. the current Netflix client is nice, and you would have the ability to link that catalog to multiple data sources. So built into the recommendations management system would be links to IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon, and both Netflix systems.

The affordances of the different data sources would be different - and would be indicated in the titles or thumbnails, like Netflix does now with the 'save/play' options.

For example, using Netflix as your data source you would be able to read about content, or watch it streaming. With Amazon you could read about the title, or buy a physical artifact. IMDB and Wikipedia are pure information services.

(And in 'elephant in the room' territory, The Pirate's Bay offers downloading).

Multiple sites offer recommendation engines, the job of the client is to federate the recommendation engines of your choice.

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