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El Shepherd

Anyone know of a faster way to find where your Lens is ranked on Google than to manually go through each page and look for it?

Question: I have a couple of lenses (okay, maybe more than two) that have fell off Google earth. Since they are indexed with google and a green light is showing, is their a way I can find out which page they are on. Last I checked they were hovering between 5 and 8. I would like to see if I can salvage any by manipulating some key words, tags etc.

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Another one but same problem with trying to click to an authority site.

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OWM family, It's been awhile since I posted (8 weeks). My full-time gig has me on the run but I'm back for the summer so I'm picking up where I left off. I've been keeping up with all the changes, thankfully, I only did 9 lenses before I had to take a break so I kinda dodged a bullet (besides that I wanted to have 3X as many lenses by now).

I have a problem. Every time I copy and paste the link presented in OWM to make clickable links it doesn't work. Has anyone had this happen before? I'm sure I must be doing something wrong because everybody else seems to have it down.

Also, I started this lens yesterday but finished today. I noticed my lensrank went from 0 to a whole bunch of numbers. Do I need to be mindful of this when publishing? Does it hurt my rankings if I don't publish within 24 hours? Any help is appreciated.

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Testimony and props to Logan. I have just about finished with module six (yes, it is taking awhile for me to learn this stuff) and this lens has moved up four spots in a week. Still see a lot I can improve on but still trying to catch that first fish. Traffic is increasing :).   

Anybody know about how long it takes to become an affiliate with ebay? I applied two days ago.

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I keep getting these advertising boxes on my lens. Can anyone else see them?

I just read something that said I should ping my squidoo lenses. Is that just different terminology for everything I learned on OWM. Do I need to push a ping button or something? 

Post has attachment Made some changes to key words. Hope this bad boy makes me some cash, right. 
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