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+Kevin Wang We were just talking about this!

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I think I know the guy in this video

I wish I could parse what this guy says.

For those outside of the area: record rainfall has washed out almost all roads connecting Santa Cruz County in California with the rest of the world, resulting in horrible commuters for everybody. I scouted some of the back roads last weekend that are supposed to be closed, but they're currently passable by bike so I called the news to toot my horn and say "I know biking over the Santa Cruz Mountains to work isn't for everybody, but it can be an option for a few." It takes me about 2.5 hours to bike to work 32 miles "over the hill." Driving or public transit is normally much faster, but this week biking has been significantly quicker.

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Rode my fixie on Highway 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains tonight. 

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Two running cameras on two different parked bikes catch a bike thief in action, along with the license plate of the truck he came from.

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Spent the day at Ano Nuevo State Park in San Mateo County, California, where the elephant seals are making babies.
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Post has attachment New Years Day 2017 Swanton Loop ride

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Random selection of photos selected by Google from today's all -day bike ride to Pescadero, California and back to Santa Cruz. There was a bike commuter involved so I guess it's not totally off-topic. The ride began this morning right around freezing (and I hit icy spots on the road), but the temperature eventually rose to the high 60s around noon, especially when I ventured away from the coast.

Post has attachment 88 mile ride video with music added

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What's In All The Boxes?

Merry Christmas you all!

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I squealed like a tween when I saw this today. 
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