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Empty nester with strong compulsions to bake my way through mutiple dessert cookbooks.
Empty nester with strong compulsions to bake my way through mutiple dessert cookbooks.

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Fleur d'Eclair! I made eclairs! Ever since I saw Joanne Chang, of Flour
Bakery in Boston, demonstrate how to make choux pastry at Book Larder in
Fremont, I’d had them on my list of things to try. The way the dough is
cooked on the stovetop, starting all glo...

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Orange Nut Bread (aka Elsa's Bread)
This recipe came from my Grandma’s box of recipe cards. My
sister and I got to browse through some of her recipes recently, months after she passed
away. This is one that I plucked from the box because I was intrigued by the
amount of finely cut orange peel...

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Key Lime Pie Cupcakes
These turned out to be blue ribbon cupcakes! I made them for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. They are four parts to them: graham cracker crust, cake, lime curd, and whipped cream. A bit more involved than a traditional cupcake, but well worth it. This po...

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Why is this blog called Christopher Morninggood?
When I was growing up, we took a lot of road trips with my
dad. He loved to get an early start, hitting the open road with a fresh cup of
coffee as the sun was rising. He also loved to make up funny songs, singing
them loudly as he sat up even straighter in...

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[Here is the link to the recipe I used: ] I made them. I feel deflated. They were not the magnificent,
glistening, caramelized-encased pillows of custardy dreams th...

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I just got my package of silicon mini-canele molds that I had ordered through J.B. Prince. The package took 2 whole weeks to get here, Seattle, from New York. That is not fast. That is slow. But I should have started the batter a few days ago so I would be ...

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Funky Fremont a la Dimanche
Sunday was full of glorious sun! I decided to be a tourist in the quirky funky area of Seattle called Fremont. It started with a cruise through Fremont Sunday Market, where I found an Eiffel Tower and a Space Needle sitting together on a shelf just waiting ...

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Berry Rhubarb Crostata
Rhubarb!! No peeling, no pitting, no seeds – just slice and
dice beautiful ruby red stalks into sweet & tart gems, perfect for springtime
baking. Don’t delay – they’ll be gone soon! (I think I could have been a great
marketer. Yeah, like maybe in the 50s.) ...

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Bakery Nouveau
Chocolate Blackberry Mousse Dome from Bakery Nouveau, the French-style bakery in my (relatively now) new hood that I am totally in love with. There will be more 'reporting' from this dream location. It's a destination bakery. There's been a line out the doo...

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Fruit Art, Fruit Tart
Last weekend was my oldest son's birthday. I texted him asking if he could pick any homemade dessert, what would it be? ....   ....   .... Yeah, that's right. No reply. He's in his early 20s. Actually, technically he's now in his mid 20s (what the?!). That ...
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