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Brandon Cook

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Brandon Cook

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Graphic Artist Sparks Impromptu Bernie Sanders Rally at Comic-Con
SAN DIEGO – Could the (fury) road to the White House one day lead through Comic-Con?
Mario Prado, a printing wiz currently smitten with 2016 presidential hopeful Sen. Bernard Sanders, doesn't see that as such an absurd proposition
“Comic-Con attracts a lot of nerds. Nerds are very much on top of politics,” the printing shop owner told CQ Roll Call of his decision to stump for the Vermont independent.
Prado erected an eye-catching depiction of the populist pol facing off against the conservative Koch brothers in a Mad Max-like landscape along a heavily traveled crosswalk just outside the bustling entertainment hub. That, coupled with the fire engine-red T-shirt he wore in support of “Bernie Man” — showing Sanders’ signature shock of white hair replaced by flaming coiffure — drew in passersby, many of whom Prado said were not all that familiar with the veteran pol.
“Definitely, there’s been people through here who don’t know who he is and that have asked about him. And I’m like, ‘take it, please,’” he said of the leaflets he'd prepared delineating Sanders’ policy positions on everything from green energy (“reverse global warming and make the planet habitable for future generations”) to universal health care (“join the rest of the industrialized world with Medicare-for-all health care”).
“Educate yourself and when you find out just talk to other people about it. Spread the word,” he said he has advised political neophytes.
Although not formally attached to Team Sanders  — “Bernie hasn't asked me to do anything for him. It’s just me doing it on my own because I love the guy,” Prado assured CQ Roll Call — Prado’s makeshift camp soon attracted other grassroots activists.
One woman waved an “Occupy” flag and preached about the coming revolution to anyone who would listen, while a pair of costumed canvassers invoked the canon of George Lucas.
“The Force is strong with Bernie. He’s our only hope,” a Princess Leia lookalike warned the sci-fi savvy masses.
Prado seemed pleased that folks were even willing to stop and listen.
“I've always cared about politics and I don’t wanna be one of those people that sits on the sidelines and complains,” he said. “I’d rather take an active part.”
#BernieSanders2016   #PoliticalRevolution   #FuelTheBern   #ComicCon   #PeopleForBernie   #WomenForBernieSanders  
#PowerToThePeople   #FeelTheBern   #BankOnBernie  
Can one graphic artist provide Sen. Bernard Sanders a bump in the presidential race? We'll fine out.
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Brandon Cook

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Brandon Cook

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In case you're having a bad day, you might want to read this image. 
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Howell, MI 48855

My name is Brandon Cook, I work IT for Trinity Information Services for the Web Services team.  I enjoy talking to other people so please feel free to message me.  I love to post anything from memes to science and technology articles.  Yes I am a nerd and a geek and very proud of it.  I think todays entertainment is brainless crap that has no right to be on cable TV.  I'm talking to you Jersey Shore (or any other mindless drivel)!  I am a tv buff and love video games when I can find the time.  
Bragging rights
Way to much to write at once.
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We have had nothing but problems with this place. After having a procedure done they placed a vile of my blood in my girl friends take home bag. When I got home we realized what they had done and called them to see what I should do. They had no procedure in place for the handling of biohazardous material if it landed in the hands of the patient. They told us to bring it back down. Now my girl friend doesn't have a car so she needed to set up time with friends to drive her down there. They also had her driving back and forth between the Ann Arbor clinic and brighton clinic. We were treated extremely rudely by the manager when we said we wanted compensation for the problems that Planned Parenthood had caused us. Forward three weeks of them trying to sweep this under the rug and the most they were willing to offer was 50 dollars. NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE FOR ANYTHING! They are incredibly rude when something goes wrong, they have no checks in place for clear HIPPA violations and force their patents to handle glass biohazardous materials if they make a mistake.
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