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IT, Google, Formula 1, Films, Entertainment...
IT, Google, Formula 1, Films, Entertainment...

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Hi All,

I noticed a weird bug in stock camera (in Google Camera as well) that is very likely a bug of EIS. In 720p and 1080p the camera is following close objects even if it is recording steadily on the table. The same weird behavior can't be reproduced in 4k.
I created two video examples. In 720p you can see that the camera follows the box when it removes from the sight of the camera, sometimes even when it enters.


Could someone please check if the same occurs with your device?

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Do you? :)

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Uber's self-driving cars are here and available today in Pittsburgh.

What a time to be alive.

That said, they're not fully autonomous just yet. For now, two Uber employees will accompany every trip to monitor the car’s self-driving capabilities — one behind the wheel and the other in the passenger seat with a laptop displaying the data and images gathered by the car’s sensors. Uber’s ultimate goal, though, is enabling customers to summon a car on demand with nobody in in it.

So, +Don Dudas, I wonder how many Uber's we have to take until we get one? Let's plan on doing so some weekend in the near future.

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Best interview with Kimi.

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Just watch it. :)

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Valóban találó. Pont ez megy most a személyszállítási piacon.

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Kimi... :D
Happy Holidays from Team Ferrari!

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#F1 Mercedes Fans' reaction when a McLaren Honda finishes ahead of both Mercedes.
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