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Sandy Weiner
THE dating, relationship, & communications coach for women 40+
THE dating, relationship, & communications coach for women 40+


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Is your romantic relationship in jeopardy? Check out these 5 creative solutions for romantic relationship problems in midlife. #romance #loveafter40 #relationshipchallenges

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Great show today with Valerie Greene on the common mistakes that smart strong successful women make in dating.

Check out the highlights in the Last First Date blog.

#datingmistakes #datingadviceforwomen #successfulwomen

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Want to be noticed in the busy crowded world of online dating? You can catch your date’s attention by doing these two things.

#onlinedatingadvice #findloveafter40

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A happily married ‘good guy’ discloses a surprisingly simple way to find and attract quality men. It’s called the Lexus effect. Here’s how it works.
+James D'Souza #qualitymen

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You’re over 40, and your relationship is at a crossroads. Should you consider moving in together?

Here are 4 things to consider. #movingin #livingtogether

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Do you love your body? Do you feel confident and sexy when you go on a date? No? You’re not alone. Holistic Health Coach, Nina Manolson to the rescue!

+Nina Manolson #bodylove #confidence #sexy #loveyourbody

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I had a thought this morning about how dating is like dieting. Let me explain...

#datingafter40 #onlinedating #womanofvalue

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When a woman dates a much younger man, she's called a cougar. Maybe she's smarter than you think...

Here's why.
#cougar #datingyoungermen #loveafter40

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Why Do Men Play Games?

A woman writes in about a man she was dating who was hot and cold.

She asks, "Why do men play games?" This is not the question she should be asking...

#datinggames #datingrules #datingadvice #womanofvalue

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Just published on the blog: how to make a man fall in love, by guest blogger, dating coach Eddy Baller.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

+Eddy Baller #datingadviceforwomen #love #loveafter40 #understandmen
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