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Ethan Hansen

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- In this day and age, information is available with a click of a button. How do you plan on using such technologies (i.e. Smartphones, tablet, applications, etc.) to better your college experience?

Imagine you are on a journey. This journey is through a wild, woody land filled with all sorts of creatures and caves and rivers. Along this journey, you may come across bridge by which you will need to travel from one known land to another unknown environment. While on this bridge, you can look forward and see the wonders that await you. At the same time, you can shift your gaze back from where you came and see what you have experienced and learned. This metaphorical bridge I am asking you to visualize, we can compare to the college years of our lives. It is the connection between our learn-by-mistake driven childhood to our live-by-experience adulthood. The conjunction of the known and the unknown.

The college experience is not where we gain all of the information we need to retain to live successful lives. Rather, college is meant to be a habitat where students can gain the ability to learn. With the seemingly sudden onslaught of technology in recent years, it seems the world is quite literally in the palms of your hands. Like college is not the place to obtain a mental encyclopedia, the endless amount of information available on the internet is not meant to provide infinite facts. It is meant to enrich and connect.

With the power of modern technology, I plan on taking the practical knowledge I gain of the world and using it to discover fissures that need to be filled. Perfecting the world requires solving one mystery at a time. The ability to connect with anyone around the globe instantly means problems can be solved as a team effort regardless of distance. Like embarking on a journey, the reward of a collegiate education is not the fancy paper at the end but rather the accomplishments made along the way. With the aid of the tools of the digital age, I plan on not only elevating my own journey into strange lands but also the improvement of every human being’s voyage into the unknown. | #ItsWorthMoreToMe
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Ethan Hansen

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Of course not, there is never enough!
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