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Part 2: How to come off hormonal contraceptives smoothly
Last time in Part 1 of How to come off hormonal contraceptives smoothly we started our journey to discover the best way transition into drug-free contraception with as little upset as possible to your system.  We covered some of the common reasons why women...

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Part 1: How to come off hormonal contraceptives smoothly
For many women, making that decision to come off hormonal contraception can be a bit daunting. My patients who are considering it are always the ones that ask me the most questions concerning their health, so here is the low down. Whether you are ready or s...

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How to come off the pill safely
Perhaps you have been thinking for a while
now that you would like to go natural, reconnect with your cycle and quit the
pill. You may be nervous and this is
understandable. What will this mean for my body? What will I do for
contraception? How can I do thi...

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Sweetening the Pill
"63.7% of women go off the pill within the first year due to unwanted side effects" The pill. A combination of two synthetic hormones designed to prevent fertility. There is no denying that the feminist movement that it helped to provoked in the 60s was a r...

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All you need to know about cervical mucus!
The cervix produces a protective lubricant
that is commonly termed, cervical mucus. This mucus changes slightly in colour,
amount and texture throughout your cycle and is completely normal! By normal I mean that it is a healthy
representation of the secreti...

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This month I’m branching out.  This month I would
like to share with you a Facebook post taken from another blog called, Elephant
Journal. The name of the piece is, “ The
Facebook Confession every person should read ” and it is by Vironika Tugaleva . The re...

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Do you worry about falling pregnant?
We’ve all had that scare at least once! You
know the one, you’re a bit late and you have really tender breasts. If you
really think about it, you do feel a bit more nauseous than usual and you’ve
been craving weird foods. So the question keeps popping up, “...

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How stress can impact on your hormonal balance
I have recently
come back from 12 blissful days in the lush green warmth of Ubud, Bali with my
fiancé. However prior to leaving I went through a very busy and stressful
period. This I have to
admit is mostly my own fault! I have a tendency to “bite off more...

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Naturally Not Pregnant - Free Information Evening - Tuesday 30th Sept
Dr. Shirley Rigoni –  Chinese Medicine Practitioner Presents… Naturally Not Pregnant - Contraception for every woman - Learn how to achieve contraception naturally! •       No pills! •       Nothing implanted in your arm! •       Nothing placed inside your ...
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