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I wrote a #LibreOffice conference wrap up for my work blog:

Phew, arrived home from the #LibreOffice Conference in Milan late last night. Despite a series of serious mishaps, I had a fantastic time catching up with the community, as ever. Thank you so much to the organisers, especially Italo and Florian, for making it happen.

On that note, a massive happy birthday to the LibreOffice project, which is three today! I'm so proud of how it has grown and improved and can't wait to see how it will continue to do so in the future. Here's to many more years of trying new things and cutting swathes through the codebase!

Happy programmers' day - may the code run freely and your builds be successful :)

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Oooh, code :) Loved these games when I was younger, I still go back to them occasionally.

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So this is happening in Japan, and it's way more bad-ass than planking. 

"There is a massive internet photo trend brewing amongst youths in Japan right now that involves taking pictures of teens who appear to be releasing invisible energy that sends their peers flying. The photo mania is especially popular amongst schoolgirls who started the trend by uploading images on Twitter and labeling them as "Makankosappo", a reference to a special attack in the popular manga-turned-anime Dragon Ball series."  

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Call for #testing : The new #libreoffice #feature making it print on #tuesday s is available as an extension. Support for #printing on other weekdays is intended to be added later.

Do any of you have Microsoft Word on a tablet device?

I'm looking for some test Word documents, specifically with ink annotations. These are drawn annotations, usually inputted via a stylus. I'm looking for some .docx files I could use to improve ink annotation support in LibreOffice, but the feature's only available on Word's tablet edition (which I don't have).

Anyone able to help out? :)

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My favourite part is right at the end:

"The most important point of all was right at the start. Meeks emphasized that an open source project may seem to be about code, but is actually about people.

Developers and end-users gather in an open source community because of their own interests and needs. To succeed, any community must focus on this: on ethos, on reciprocity rather than exploitation, on licensing as a constitution for the community, on friendship, and especially on keeping everything fun.

LibreOffice succeeds not because of the code but because of the way the people who work on it self-organize and treat one another, starting each involvement with assumed trust and empowerment. That's a lesson every open source community needs to take away."
Dealing with the huge legacy codebase from which LibreOffice is built has produced some interesting techniques. Read about some of them in my InfoWorld column today.
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