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For #getawayfriday  this is a photo of me taken by +Jeffrey Sullivan .  On this trip we met the theme curator +Gary Crabbe .  He was on his way in to Le Conte Falls and we had just finished up our trek here.  We'll be heading back out in a few days but haven't quite decided which part of the beautiful sierra we will visit.
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Hi +Lori Hibbett  - I thought that weather looked familiar.  :)
Just as an FYI for upcoming weeks, please tag it with #FridayGetaway so it shows up in the right stream.  Cheers!!
(Glad you didn't post a pic of me & my 'break the lens" trailside appearance.)
+Gary Crabbe I just look at what tags pop up and must have selected the wrong one.  ah, you wouldn't have broken the lens!  See you in the field.
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