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Why Risk is important in Change Management but it has got resistance.
There are many reasons for resistance to change management. Resistance is a basic nature of a person. Comfort Zone: It is an inertia which slows him down.The age old saying of
Comfort Zone. People feel treat about the changes that happens, feel
scared about...

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My Blog Post Are Mobile Friendly. Awesome.
It's very interesting I was testing my URL in google developer, I found it's is compatible to HTML5 and CSS3.

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Charged Employees Who Can Drive Success Through Productivity.
• Discover what drives your employees. As you
develop stronger relationships with team members,
you’ll gain more insight into what really matters to
them—and what motivates them. Use this knowledge
to help them set goals that will fortify their
strengths an...

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Prof. Watkins on Change Management.
I'm a great fan of  Prof. Micheal Watkins. Prof Watkins is a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD , co-founder of Genesis Advisers , and author of The First 90 Days . At IMD, I co-direct Transition to Business Leadership ,
a program des...

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Who Change Happens In An Organisation.
I was going through the post of Strategy + Business and found this interesting  topic. All these point are wonderfully noted and in any dynamic organization and growing organization these are mandatory dictum. 1. Address the “human side” systematically. Any...

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How To Move Forward Thru Change Management & Contnious Improvement.

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Peter Drucker on People Management.
It is the people who change.  Business can only change if people change. So believe in People, If you really want Change Management.

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Foucus matters a lot in Change Mangement.
In a change management process Focus plays an important role. In a change management process one should be trying to think big and act bigger. If one person do not relentlessly focus that ownership of change then it is very difficult to come. One has to sta...

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BCG reports "World wide acute shortage of professionals in the field Digital Marketing".
BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP has given a wonderful report on the shortage of professional in the field  Digital Marketing.This marketers is considering to be a massive change in field of marketing. No firm can afford to think of marketing without going digital.B...
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