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Cloud Domain Controller for Branch office
Plan for Cloud Domain Controller. Setup Remote Domain Controller via Direct access Following Ports need to be opened in Firewall or Router on both side. NAT Local IP of Domain Controller to Public IP or Internet IP A domain name will be register on godaddy....

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How to create CMAN listnere
Installation & Configuration of C onnection Manager (CMAN) Oracle
10g Just follow below steps and make your life easier. Click start menu ===> Oracle-OraDb10g_home1 ===> click on Universal Installer   1. Run universal installer from installed oracle_home. 2...

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How to delete Listener with Oracle
If you want to delete listener then just follow below steps and complete your task  very easily. 1. Window+R and "netca" and press enter. A configuration window will apear, 2. Select "Listener Configuration" and click next 3. Select delete and click next. 4...

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BI Unable to connect to port 9705 on machine error [nQSError: 12008]
How to resolve [nQSError: 12008] Unable to connect to port
9705 on machine with OBIEE Whenever facing following error; Oracle BI Scheduler Error: [nQSError: 12008] Unable to
connect to port 9705 on machine test-pc. [nQSError: 12010] Communication error

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localhost does not work
Question: localhost does not work but website can be viewed
both internally and externally. Answer: If you bind website with localhost then it will browse. If you bind website with another static IP then website will
browse with its static IP but not with l...

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How to Create /Drop /DB link in oracle
Two way to create DB link in oracle Database 1. With TNS entry in tnsnames.ora 2. TNS entry given at the time of db link creation. Create DB link 1st method: Create DBLINK with TNS entry name made in
tnsnames.ora Put a TNS in tnsnames.ora file with name lik...

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What is DNS
Name Service (D.N.S) The DNS (Domain Name Service) is a
standard technology for managing the names of Websites and other Internet
domains. DNS technology allows you to type names into your Web browser like ( and your comp...

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Hyper v Technology
What is hyper v Technology? Virtualization technology have become a part of our life. In
this article, I’m going to give a detailed explanation virtualization. I will
take a look at Microsoft Hyper-V technology and examine it by performing the initial

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How to Kill All Tasks of Specific User in Terminal Server
Open CMD Execute Command
in MS DOS: taskkill /F /FI "USERNAME eq XYZ" Comment: "XYZ" will
be the Username of which all tasks needs to be killed! Enjoy with tricks
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