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Hi Guys,

After months of hard work from the FlockBrain team we are back with the algorithm that will find the taste of each user. Now we are here to ask your help to train our engine and make it more effective. Each click matters. We are trying to crowdsource training data.

1. Follow the link ''. NOTE: Replace YOUR_FULL_NAME with your full NAME without any space in between.
2. Select your favourite movie.
3. Click on "Next Movie List" to get new list incase your favourite movie is not in the list.

Spread the word

Thanks in advance,
Team FlockBrain

God of cricket will be missed :(

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Can't be at the same place with your friends or family for the holidays? Don't pause the celebrations... just join a hangout! 

And to make it fun and easy, will walk them through the process, block time on their calendars and send reminders. So all you need to do is join in and start having fun! :-)

#CoolHangouts   #awesomeads  

Cleverleyyyyyyyyy goal brilliant move 

Robin van persieeeee goaaaalllll

Game on BA scores for Newcastle

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Superman is here

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City vs United tomorrow! 

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