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Dave Brown

Went to the Red Aligator for a meal on Wednesday night (6.30pm). Checked menu, ordered drinks and then taken to the table. Unfortunately, we were then told the most popular side order wasn't available (apparently they had no potatoes) :o

Wait for it, the best is yet to come.

Politely mentioned to staff that it would have been nice if we had been told before ordering drinks and was told in a non sympathetic way that it wasn't their problem :o :o

Customer service at its best, lol

R.I.P. Mark & Tamsie. Went to school with Mark & helped Tamsie with her website. Thinking of you both, friends & family

Is it just me who's thinking google is getting too cluttered and perhaps too confusing for people? Love the interface, but I know of 2-3 people who tried and vowed never to return.

At a school this morning and then back to the office for an update on developments there.

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Bishop Auckland Viaduct

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Just had to share this one, quality : )
Everything about this picture is awesome. The curl of the boys toes, the part in his hair, the angle of the cat's head, the motorcycle heading away hazily in the background.

GREAT picture by Vladimir Zotov:

What's your favorite part?

Remembering comrades of the armed forces past and present.

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It's going to be a cold start to the day. -3 in Bishop Auckland.
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