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Can't read any of it without the ability to zoom in or see a better quality version.
Yep. Thought G+ was going to roll out a lightbox feature for pics in stream. (?)
If you click 'View All' in the bottom left corner of your window, a sub-window containing the entire set of images will come up.
There are llittle white arrows on the side just above the pictures. If you cllick them, you can cycle through the individual pictures.
Yes that shows you the other pictures from that user. My issue was seeing THIS picture, clear enough to read all the quotes.
Luckily, there aren't any new quotes on this image. It's more of a 'best of.' While still difficult to make out, the image is probably enough to go off of to find out which quotes were selected.
Ahhhh I didn't look enough to see if it was a collage of the other pics. I guess that would make sense.
We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what we will do, by finding out what we will not do.
wisdom is to have deep understanding of what is right and wrong. its a positive bonding between brain, soul and heart...
LOL @ everyone's different definition for wisdom.
A monk once asked Buddha to explain wisdom. Buddha held up a flower and stared at it. After hours and hours of not understanding, a different monk suddenly smiled. He got it.
Thank you for not pulling out the wisdom out
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