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Because it is too hard to dump the body...
What if your enemy wants to blow your head off?

The point here is the lama used the wrong word to get his idea across.
sometimes your enemy is yourself.
Oh Don make me's pretty incredible what they do with the money and BTW...The Dalai Lama isn't god and doesn't believe in "god" - the way you or others do. Like he said, in the only true wisdom is in knowing, you, know nothing.
+Marty Kaczmarek some people only worship him like he is a god...selling books on amazon in need of money.
Thanks, Dalai Lier.
"One's enemy is the best teacher" also applies to survival. Mazer Rackham taught me that.
@ Eric Gains - If that were true, then let those people do that and you and I can concentrate on remembering that there is so much in the world we don't know, we don't know.
Don Juan, what's wrong with a publicity campaign that only speaks positive influences?
How about "in the practice of tolerance, there are no enemies?" or how about "to an open mind, there are no enemies; only teachers of differences?"

Words make such good banners, especially when they're elegantly stated by people of symbolic importance, and they make us feel so accomplished when we rally behind them. But I am rather attached to a different breed. So, here's to those who are infinitely less quotable, who may seldom march under the banner of peace, but are devoted to making peace happen...
+Don Juan Well...I'm not a kid. I have some years beneath me. I accept everything, always, and sometimes it's challenging. When it's challenging beyond my ability, I will learn the most. Everything always is the way it's not up to us to find it's nobility or to judge its my humble opinion.
Joe G
How can I block this guy?
This reaction from people on such a simple quote, the Dalai lama is so powerful. He looks so calm and peaceful...
lol Dalai Lama on "wisdom," that's why google+ can't compete with facebook
the only wisdom I've learned from this man is that if you come up with fortune-cookiesque sayings and have your enemy's enemy back you up with money, people will blindly follow you and give you more money
And if someone comes to kill you, say thanks!...stupid, and anyway, He is a fucking sexist, dig, dig, and you will find!
they are the best teacher
He's just a charlatan. It is a real wonder that he managed to convince a lot of uninformed people in western world that he stands for democracy.
just so so, is these word wise? There is so much in the zen!
Ian G
when did that llama go blind?
TOLERANCE.... it is the biggest lack in me.... I hate negative people negative words....... all those make me -ve
There is little tolerance amongst this post lol 
Funny because while all u guys are debating the quote just explained the debate 
I thought I blocked this guy and reported him for spam.... make it stop
This guy is a great way to show childern's to relax!
We cannot say he is wise by how he looks (everyone should this)
for tolerance age no bar coz till the last breath it will be +++
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