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This is the Man who always had a plan or more,what a geniusAlbert Einstein,really Cool Man,Always,Lori H-Smith 13th. Feb.2012
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
here's something I've been thinking a while. Why is it that the more complex a system of thinking is the more likely it is to be wrong?
@Daniel Hall Because there's more places where it can go wrong.
+Tom Wheatley i dunno if less is more. to me it seems like less is, well, less. that said, sometimes less is better
Then the whole space era (complex and big) is made out of fools?
Dude, i found a new state. Canadia, BRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
+Jaseph Robinson You'd think that'd be the case, but despite the complexity, it's still as simple as they can manage with everything they have to overcome. Remember that it's making things "as simple as they can be, but not simpler."
Canadia is the new Canadia
Join me with the population of: 1
Einstein said, "The more you understand something the simpler is should be to explain." Our "Standard Model" is anything but easy to explain. Now on the other hand E=MC2 that is easy to understand.
Ha Ha!!!!!!! very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo peeps, its a joke aiight, so go with it
I have another one of his quotes on my website ´ if you can´t explain it simply, you don´t understand it well enough´.. People try so hard to complicate things which lessons the number of people who can understand you.
It is not about the various aspects of Dice, but the angles of aspects and perspectives from withins.
complex or simple depends upon your mind. for the most complex of minds simple is so far out of reach and for the simplest the mind is most complex
If only the government had a touch of genius.
Well that sums me up! Yup!
So that's how to classify Julia, an intelligent fool.
I think what Einstein was saying is that it takes more genius to make something complex simpler without losing functionality. Anyone can add more, but in the process make "it" more complex. It takes genius to add more while retaining simplicity.
Couldn't be more true.... Being able to simplify design is a good indicator when searching for exceptional thinkers.
I see this the longer I teach Mathematics
Ooh that reflects a personal discovery about the nature of design which is typically taking something abstract, obscure, or complex, breaking it down piece-by-piece then reconstructing it in a new way.
It's so wonderful that Einstein is now recognized for what he truly was,,...not just a technical genius,... but a truly spiritual man
Another brilliant man advocated learning to explain things to children with the same belief if you couldn't simplify it enough for them to understand you likely didn't understand it too well yourself.
I'd be curious as to the depth of comprehension of "simplicity" behind the obvious attraction of this quote, 350 pluses here, as I write this, and in the comments above. +Jaseph Robinson is the only commenter that brings up something technical, and the space program, while it does rest on basic (simple) scientific principles, does, as he points out, take considerable complexity to implement. I think that +Jonathan Alumbaugh is also coming closer to the heart of the matter.

I think that Einstein's view of simplicity might be best viewed in terms of his work, which certainly does not absolve anyone of the need to be highly fluent in specialized fields and have the ability to think deeply:

Albert Einstein, Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon its Energy-Content?

Albert Eistein, Fundamental Ideas and Problems of the Theory of Relativity

And note below that given the doubt as to the origins of this quote just a little Google search turns up the fact that it seems to have originated with Schmacher:
Wow! It is the picture of Albert Einstein so I'll say yes even without knowing the source and context of this words!
+Skoti Brendel Based on your comment, I'd guess that there's no fear that you'll follow Einstein's example. Stop worrying.
To make something that is big and complex simple and small is true genius.
Of please. Einstein didn't help kill anyone. He was an extreme pacifist. That's about like saying the inventor of the wheel has killed millions as a result of all the car wrecks.
I also agree, that is exactly what steve jobs done with the ipod.
+Skoti Brendel if you are referring to the atomic bomb. Einstein proposed the idea to FDR, but never worked on it himself. Saying he helped to kill millions is dead wrong.
I been saying this to people for years. I love it when it comes back around again. Wise dude.
It is pretty well established that he had nothing but contempt for people.
It takes courage to think for yourself and not follow the crowd blindly and to think and question for yourself, good insight.
"Keep it simple, stupid!" - Mrs. Rube Goldberg
Simpler is better, harder and smarter.
The purpose of technology is to make complex things easy.
No. The purpose is to spread false memes.
No that's the purpose of politicians.
Of course! a genius will show bias towards the trait of being genius.
Though the grammar fails make it obvious that it's not an accurate quote, we can still learn from it.
Also, Tesla was equally brilliant, but people are too slow to give him credit for anything.
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." This the FULL quote.

The US State Department and the US Department of Defence has had intelligent fools in charge and in roles of responsibilty in the past wars.
Nothing against Albert, but a true genius doesn't have to move in any direction at all. He's talking about the human DOING, I'm talking about an awake human BEING, who need not prove his intelligence by building a better mousetrap. No matter how smart you are you can only go so far. I'd like to meet the guy who built the mouse.
Galileo Day is on Wednesday, be Prepared :)
This is a Reality.
genius & courage are sign of thoughtful men.
I didn't say he doesn't get any credit. I said people were slow to give it, meaning he is not receiving all of the credit that is due to him (or to God for giving him the ideas).
It's true that English wasn't Einstein's first language (Tesla's, either), but if you read the authentic quotes, they were either translated or he learned it well enough.
i don't care .............but u have to have one hell of a sence of hummor to support that hair due...............................
Occam's Razor "Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem" only more poetic and contemporary.
I like the statement, although I think all our minds are equally important in contributing to the development of our "specie" just like an open source software, or a self improving software. WE learn from "geniuses" and "morons" and all between.. having said that I still prefer streamlining and simplicity!
+Spooky Collins One English Translation of your Occam's Razor quote which was in Latin is "Things must not be multiplied beyond necessity"
In science, Occam’s razor is used as a heuristic (rule of thumb) to guide scientists in the development of theoretical models rather than as an arbiter between published models. In physics, parsimony was an important heuristic in the formulation of special relativity by Albert Einstein, the development and application of the principle of least action by Pierre Louis Maupertuis and Leonhard Euler, and the development of quantum mechanics by Ludwig Boltzmann, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg and Louis de Broglie.

In chemistry, Occam’s razor is often an important heuristic when developing a model of a reaction mechanism. However, while it is useful as a heuristic in developing models of reaction mechanisms, it has been shown to fail as a criterion for selecting among some selected published models.

In this context, Einstein himself expressed a certain caution when he formulated Einstein's Constraint: "Everything should be kept as simple as possible, but no simpler."

Elsewhere, Einstein harks back to the theological roots of the razor, with his famous put-down: "The Good Lord may be subtle, but he is not malicious."
+Robert Spackman You have the correct full quote, And I agree with +Bart Williams your analysis above of Occam's razor and Einstein's views on simplicy are quite good, and quite clear. However, I believe it may not be Einstein's but rather E.F. Schumacher: The process used by +Justin Kroll (I may be calling on the wrong Justin Kroll here) takes advantage of Google Books and the related search tools. This shows how powerful Google can be as a tool for finding the truth, but on the other hand...

Of course, the "about" line to this "Wisdom" site is "The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing". Who is behind this so called "Wisdom" anyway? What happened to the idea that we were to be real people, or at least identifiable commercial sources? This stated philosophy does fit with the selection here of this quote. Which, given that it is now associated with a photo of Einstein certalnly will have it implanted in the minds of many as that of Einstein.

My concern here, in looking at many of the comments and a small proportion of the shares, is that this statement appeals to people not because they are fluent or even at all interested in the details of physics or the actual thoughts of Einstein, but rather, that it seems to be re-enforcing a compacency about not expending effort in learning more about either physics or Einstein. I think it is popular with those who would rather take it easy and think ignorance is bliss.
+Sarah Kavassalis My concern here, in looking at many of the comments and a small proportion of the shares (of which there are currently 518), is that this statement appeals to people not because they are fluent or even at all interested in the details of physics or the actual thoughts of Einstein, but rather, that it seems to be re-enforcing a complacency about not expending effort in learning more about either physics or Einstein. I think it is popular with those who would rather take it easy and think ignorance is bliss.
I feel like the only people you ever quote are Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell. Maybe you should mix it up a bit...
You probably right that people may take it that easy way is the right way....... thats pritty much today society 'thing' and instant gratification......but the people who actually thing bit more...and i am sure there is plenty of them also... will know that making things simple and easy to work is not an easy task. And it applies to all sort of way of life.... I have learned that sometime a simple villager can be smarter then well educated big time full of degrees person.... in a way how he aplies himself.........I mean politicions are perfect example, they keep making things complicated, they full of degrees and they not, being polite :)
If only that was Obama's view of government...
IT is shame that you are willing to give wisdom up!you do not know how many people that read this.We love wisdom, you go in the past.There is other that has wisdom and willing to share,this is your call .Just think of what you are doing before you become the frog.
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