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The world of a jumpy little dog
The world of a jumpy little dog

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I managed to stay really calm most of the day today, even when out on a walk with Mean Daddy and some of his friends. I barely barked at those other doggies!

I think Mean Daddy can do magic. While we were out and when I was particularly calm for a while, or stopped at the curb when he said "Wait!", he gave me a treat. But I couldn't even hear a plastic bag. Where did those treats come from?

But it doesn't really matter, they're treats, and they're awesome. So now I'm no longer wondering and just sleeping next to him on the couch.

I'm getting really good at this Houndini thing.

Today there were new people at Mean Daddy's office. They were all really nice to me, so I quickly forgot my confusion about why we left Mommy and Daddy Lars at the big noisy place.

Later Mean Daddy took me to the store with all the interesting things for doggies. He wouldn't show me what he bought even when I tried grabbing the bag. But the nice lady there gave me treats! 

And tonight I showed Mean Daddy how flexible and fast I can be! I was really excited, so I did the Houndini, all while he was in the grocery store for not even five minutes! I think he was really excited about that too. I heard my name a lot when he came out of the store, so I think he praised me.

Today I learned that we have to go up the stairs THREE times to get to our door, and that after ONE time is not our door, and neither is after TWO times.

But then I forgot.

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I love it when Mommy tucks me into bed at night.  I'm not sure why Daddy Koosh doesn't live with us anymore, but at least Daddy Lars is still here.  I also have a bed of my own over at Substitute-Daddy's apartment!  Life is good for this little doggy.

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Mommy's been really sick lately, so sick that Daddy Lars and other friends have had to take care of her (and me too!).  She's getting better, but she doesn't have much energy, so she's been spending a lot of time with the lap-occupying thingie, and I lie next to her.

She wanted me to share this with you, since I take the U-bahn with her and Daddy Lars a lot.  Here's a whole bunch of other doggies riding public transit!

Mommy's home!  And Daddy Lars!  I was so excited I threw up three times in the middle of the night, once on Mommy's bed.

The last few days were mostly sleeping, eating and sitting on a lap, which is how live should be. Also Daddy Kush has run out of pee-pee treats, so now I get ground meat instead. Yeah :)

The only unpleasantness was that on Monday I had to wait outside a store and it was cold and wet and I was unhappy. So I barked my little soul out to make that unmistakably clear.

And finally today Mommy and Daddy Lars came back. I was soooo happy and overjoyed. I just kept running around and jumping on people because I was so happy that everybody was back together.
From now on, I must make extra sure to never let Mommy out of my sight, so that she can't get lost again.

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Yesterday Daddy Kush slept very long, which was great, because that meant that he didn't move much while I was lying on top of him and enjoyed all the sunshine.
Later he took my on a nice sunny walk which I enjoyed. At least until he tried to take me to the park. As soon as I saw the park ahead, I dug in my little doggy paws and said 'No sir, I don't go into nasty park. No way!'.
Then we went to Rewe and he tied my outside. I was a good doggy and didn't bark at all while I waited. For that I got treats, though the salami was so thin, that it just vaporized on my tongue: Puff and in a blink it was gone.
In the evening, while Daddy Kush was on the toilet, I decided that imitation is the highest form of adoration. Didn't get much praise though.

Today is more or less the same, except no sunshine.
And a while ago, I heard a woman yelling outside. That must have been Mommy. I ran to the door and started barking very loud, so that she could hear me and find me. Daddy Kush told me to be quiet and took me away from the door, so I peed on his hand to teach him a lesson about trying to keep me from my Mommy.
Now I have a chewy, so the world is mostly ok again.
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Mommy and daddy Lars left this morning.
The moment they were gone, I got really excited and jumpy because when they leave I always get yummy treat. Yeah.
But when the treat was gone I got really sad because I missed them so much. (I really need to start thinking more long term.)
This time I decided to show my despair in a new way. Instead of my usual high pitched wailing, I switched to a lower more guttural wailing which sounds really really sad, which is how I was feeling. It seemed to have great effect on daddy Kush. After an hour, I accepted that they are gone for now and quieted down. Even went to mommy's room on my own.

Then daddy Kush took me to work. I was so excited, because usually daddy Lars and mommy are there. But not today :(
Daddy Kosh works way too much and doesn't pay enough attention to me, so I did my best to change that. I sure managed to have impact, which apparently is the thing they all are trying to do there, so I fit right in. I might be a small dog, but when I jump-pull on my leash the table is certainly shaking very nicely.
Eventually daddy Kush gave me a whole apple. Not just a piece but a whole one. Oh boy, was I happy. It was as big as my head and I had real trouble getting it into my mouth to carry it around. It was tricky to eat at first, but when there's one thing I'm good at, then it's eating, so I chewed that thing down. Kept me busy for almost half an hour. I didn't even notice daddy Kush leaving to get snacks.
Then I was so full, I just slept quietly for almost an hour.

Eventually we went home and I got so excited because home means pack means mommy and daddy, which makes me so happy and ... Oh No, they are not here. So sad. What did I do, that I have to suffer such pain and disappointment. If only I were literate, I would write a new version of 'Die Leiden des jungen Werthers' and I would tell them about all that I have to suf
FOOD, oh boy oh boy, FOOD, my favoristed thing.

Now it's dark outside and I'm sleeping on daddy Kush's lap. Tis was a long day for a little doggy and I'm exhausted.
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