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Global Astrological Advisor | Tarot Priestess | Medium @ ♡ 🕊🕯✨


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Our Full Flower Moon occurs on 5/29/18 @ 7:20AM PST @ 8° of Sagittarius, in conjunction with Mercury’s transit into the zodiac sign in which he’s most comfy, Gemini. Mercury remains within this sector of Communication through 6/12/18. There is a culmination and closure within the sector you hold Sadge within your natal astrological charts. To see where these planetary energies have the potential; to affect you, peep your Sun sign, Rising sign + Moon sign for a full #DoseOfTheCosmos. Dose up:

★ARI: Talk it out, Aries! It’s time to proofread your life when Mercury transits your 3rd House of Expression. Our FM graces your sector of long distance travel, law + exploration. You may be returning from your metaphysical experience in a foreign location or closing the door on a legal battle. Settle into this lunar cycle with a clear conscience.

★TAU: The energy surrounding you at this time has been rockin n rollin, Taurus. Uranus has entered your sector of Self + Body. In combination with Mercury in your financial sector and the FM bringing closure to your shared resources sector, you are counting all your dollars and considering investing. Try investing in your Self.

★GEM: Chit chat. Patty whack. Give a dog a bone. Nothing can stop you now as your ruling planet rests within the Solar 3rd House of Communication + your 1st House of Self + Body. Express yourself, Gemmie. Put an end to sour relationships as the FM closes the door on partnerships that no longer serve your best interest in your 7th House of Relationships. Focus on publishing your book. Mercury loves when you focus on the details.

★CAN: Earnings have the potential to increase through 6/12/18 while Merc speeds through your security sector and helps boost self-confidence. The FM energy assists in putting an end to an old routine, health habit or method of working. If you have been feeling under the weather, there is closure in your health sector that can see an ailment dissipate. Best wishes.

★LEO: A creative project coming to a close, the birth of a child + a completion of one of your romantic entanglements are all available to Leo at this time. Our FM graces your 5th House while Mercury makes up long time in your social 11th House of Goals + Wishes. Who you know is important at this time and may assist you in achieving your goals.

★VIR: Raise a glass of cheer for some closure, peace and quiet on the homefront, Virgoan. Putting an end to old wounds, maternal issues and suffocating environment is a reason to celebrate. Your ruling planets makes a speedy recovery in your career sector. It is a time to tend to highest purpose and push your agenda.

★LIB: You may be tongue-tied this FM as our lunar shine gleams in your communication sector. Healing old wounds with siblings and neighbors can occur with ease now. Mercury handles business in your 9th House of Legalities + Property. Tend to court details, property sales + negotiations throughout 6/12/18. It may be time to travel outside of your own country while Merc is in Gemmie, too. Giddy up.

★SCO: Our FM illuminates your financial sector, Scorp, however confidence may be running a little low. Insecurities can pop up with our FM culminating in this sector. Luckily, Mercury is replenishing your 8th House of Shared Resources + Intimacy. Who you are partnering up with matters at this time. Who do you know and who do you love?

★SAG: Put old, tired behaviors to rest, Sadge. This FM occurs in your 1st House of Self, assisting in completing projects + deadlines. Merc zips through your partnerships sector helping singles + partnered Sadge’s communicate their true heart desires in terms of connection. This great for on-line dating and discerning potential partners in business + pleasure.

★CAP: Cappie, this the perfect time for a nap! As our FM bestows some peace and quiet in your 12th House sector of Intuition + Rest, you feel the need to slow down. Allow this internal time for processing your lunar cycle ahead. Mercury is preparing your 6th House of Diet + Routine for errands and appointments to tend to the better of your health. Here’s to feeling up to par!

★AQU: Say goodnight to the internet right now, Aqua-Girl and Boys! With our FM in your 11th House of Technology + Progression your access to the outside world might be slowing down. Mercury is tending to the area of you chart where you hold your romantic interest + nurturing capabilities with your children. Spending time with your kids, creative projects + interests may be fruitful + abundant through 6/12/18.

★PIS: Our FM bestows some light in your career sector, Pisces! There is an awareness in the area of your chart next to your MidHeaven. What is your highest potential in your life path? What you were born to do can be seen now. Our communication planet zips through your home environment assisting in tending to chores within your living space. Details and plans can be made now to entertain in your fortress.-xxAA🕊🕯✨ 𓂀 #audreyalison #cardsandstars #astrology #tarot #readings 🔮:

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🕊Three Of Cups🕊
Celebration arrives with the #tarotcardoftheday from the Egyptian-Inspired #powertarot by Youree Dell Harris, aka #MissCleo.𓆃 This #tarotcard suggests taking the time to celebrate the present moment and the people within it. This card is overflowing with high spirits and represents camaraderie, hospitality, support and happiness. When the #ThreeOfCups appears within #divination, a celebratory event like a wedding, shower or birthday is ahead. Connection and bond is available to you. Discovering a common goal within siblings, your tribe and/or a trusted connection is powerful at this time.

Three female pharaohs raise their chalices, cheer and dance in this illustration. 𓁥 𓁧 𓁜 The tone of this water card is festive, carefree and spontaneous. Sometimes there is no need for plans. Divine timing is divine for a reason. Similar energies attract similar energies. There are no coincidences to whomever surrounds you.

The #crystals + #talismans that adorn this card promote warmth and love, increase #intuition and attract positivity: rose quartz 🌸 | alabaster 🐚 | amethyst 💜 | citrine 🍊| moonstone ⚪️. Gracing this pic is my trusted #dustingfeather that I use to clear my decks 𓇣. Live lightly.~xxAA ☽♡☾🕯✨𓂀 #audreyalison #astrology #tarot #decorativeseries #divining #empath #medium #cardsandstars #readings🔮:

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🕊The High Priestess🕊II
Having used all the #majorarcana cards once each within my #decorativeseries, I always turn to #TheHighPriestess for another chance at peaceful creativity. 🗝 #divination #tarot #tarotcards #currentvibez #powertarotdeck #readings 🔮:

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🕊Two Of Coins🕊
From the Egyptian inspired #TarotPower deck from Youree Dell Harris, aka #MissCleo, the #tarotcardoftheday asks: Where are you firmly planted? This #tarotcard reinforces the duality of choice. Representing both earth and water, the #TwoOfCoins can suggest a double income, double responsibility in your workload and/or the decision to be made in terms of work, career, income and stability. Deciding between two roads or two positions can be present while keeping everything in balance in your life. Finding your footing in tasks and handling challenges can occur when this card appears within #divination.

The ship awaits close to the shoreline while this male juggles his options with one knee within the rope of infinity, and one foot planted within the earth. Symbolizing the balance of the #astral and the #earthly plane, this card deciphers reality from daydream. Do you board the unknown fantasy? Or do you stay your planned course?

The #crystals + #talismans that adorn this card increase #psychic ability, promote concentration, assist in clearing karmic paths + chording: amethyst 💜 | abalone 🐚 | malachite 🌱 | larimar 🌊 | bloodstone 💉 | amazonite 🌲. Gracing this pic is my trusted #dustingfeather that I use to clear my decks 𓇣. Infinitely grounded; one fin in the sea, one foot on the ground.🧜🏼‍♀️★🧝🏻‍♀️~xxAA ☽♡☾🕯✨𓂀 #audreyalison #astrology #tarot #advisor #astrologer #tarotpriestess #mojavemystic #tarotcards #divining #empath #medium #cardsandstars #readings🔮:

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🕊Taurean Vibez🕊
A major transit occurs on our #NewMoon @ 24° of #Taurus on 5/15/18. #Uranus, The Awakener + Rebel, finishes a 7 year stay in Aries and enters the earth sign of Taurus ♉︎ through 7/6/25. This sector of Taurus on our #astrological wheel represents the 2nd House of Security, Finance + Value. Our very foundation on a global level over the course of this 7 year transit will be shaken. The earth’s crust, our economic infrastructure and our resource systems will now contain the planetary energy that Uranus represents - rebellion, autonomy, revelation + unsettled upheaval. Expect some shifts, tectonic and otherwise, from Mother Earth. Our New Moon occurs here, on the very same day @ 4:48AM PST, to initiate the #energy of The Individual. Dose up on astrological advice for this #Uranus transit with a positive punch 👊🏼💥per your #Sun Sign ☉, #Rising Sign 🌄 + #Moon Sign ☾:

★ARI: This is a good place for Uranus if the area of your income has been stagnant and could use a kickstart. Watch the tendency to overcompensate for insecurities with this planet of upheaval swirling in your security sector. Remain self confident in your business dealings. Know your worth throughout, not just temporarily. Money can come in unexpectedly accompanied by previous hard work.

★TAU: Expect the unexpected! Envision that in the most positive way Taurus. Plans can change throughout this planet’s stay in your Solar 1st House of Self + Body. Taurus Ascendants are more affected within their physical bodies by this transit. Your ideas can be charged with electric, progressive concepts. ⚡️💡 The internet can be profitable for career, however steadily unreliable. Be prepared to have a savings plan. Expect big windfalls in combination with long periods of quiet. It’s a roller coaster ride, but never boring. 🎢

★GEM: Psychic witch. While the planet of revelation and insight rests within your 12th House sector of revelation and insight, you are intuitively woke! Your dream life is heightened and your REM sleep is activated. Clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience are electric and magnetic over the course of 7 years. You may go through phases of hibernation. Down time is as equivalently essential as play time.

★CAN: Get on line much? You are ignited while using the internet when the 11th House of Technology is influenced by it’s naturally ruler, Uranus. He is comfortably stationed at home in this sector of complete revelation and inspiration. Be prepared to download the path of your life within these 7 years. If you don’t know what “you’re meant to be doing” in the course of your life, be prepared for a surprise. ☄️

★LEO: Windfalls in the career sector, to the point of changing your career path itself, are highlighted! Increases in opportunity to direct Leo + Leo Rising to their highest potential are available within the highest 10th House sector of Status + Limelight. Career endeavors can be inspired and come on like revelations, Lions.🦁 Quiet periods of reprieve exist here, too. Envision your path next to the MidHeaven in astrology, between the 9th + 10th House. This is the path of your projected soul being stirred. Remain positive + true to course.

★VIR: Unexpected travel is highlighted for you, Virgo! All of this earth energy works magnetically for you! However, expect your plans to change a few times over the course of this 7 year stay in your 9th House of Foreign Travel, Higher Education, Property + Law. You could sign yourself up overnight to study abroad! You could move several times unexpectedly. There is dynamic insight within your sector of metaphysical experience. You could have a spiritual revelation! Time to wake up to your higher purpose with Uranus, The Awaker, within this sector. Praise it.

★LIB: You may be getting cozy as your sector of intimacy is shaken. A combination of shared resources and other peoples property could go through unexpected changes within the course of this 7 year period of time. Expect your combined resources to experience ups and downs, windfalls and quiet periods. If single, the unexpected energy of Uranus could lead to surprise intimate connections. If already coupled and legally committed, expect to discover new surprises about your mate and vice versa. Never a dull moment, really.

★SCO: Hello, Lover. Uranus is stationed in your soulmate sector! If you are single, expect to draw in your perfect fit throughout this 7 year stay. If you are linked up and committed within marriage and contract, expect a change here as well. You may be single by the time Uranus shakes up the sector of your significant other. If you are perfectly happy, not to worry. If your already existing relationship has some cracks, and deep ones at that, be prepared for the strength to cut ties. Either way, your sector of partnerships is stirred up like a twister. Time to switch things up!

★SAG: Ok, Sadge. You are usually care-free, and still will be. However, Uranus in your 6th House of Health + Work has you treading lightly or probed to investigate what works for your health practice and what doesn’t. For some, an reoccurring hive, or undiagnosable random annoyance could linger on and off throughout this stay. Uranus is like a light switch in your terms of your health and work area, triggering what needs to be seen and dealt with. Jobs on-line could be profitable and inspiring. Tweaking diets and detoxes to perfection can occur here, as well.

★CAP: Excitement and spontaneity are available to Cappie in their 5th House of Romance! Meeting someone suddenly is an option. This is not the best planetary energy for conception due to its turbulence. So tend to early pregnancy with care. This transit could see small businesses take off into an entrepreneurial direction that surpasses your original expectation of the venture. Though, Saturn will having you aiming for the middle, try to aim as high as you can in independent business ventures.

★AQU: Plan on some changes within the home life and environment over the course of this 7 year period of time. Moving is common when Uranus transits the 4th House of Foundation. Also, the home or property from which you were born can go through upheaval, a sale or a dramatic change. It is positive to stay grounded, literally and metaphorically, when this sector is influenced. Make sure cement foundations and base structures are sturdy and protected.

★PIS: Ideas to write and finish that publication, series or book are available to you throughout this transit in your 3rd House of Communications, fishy. This 7 year visit can stirrup writers block and act as catalyst energy within story telling, writing, advertising and marketing. You can also expect some upheaval within your sibling connections. It may be and up and down 7 year period. Express yourself! ~xxAA ☽♡☾🕯✨𓂀 #audreyalison #AAAT #astrology #tarot #horoscopes #cardsandstars #cosmicqueen #zodiackillah #astrologer #cosmos #science #planets #readings 🔮:

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🕊Ace of Pentacles🕊
A new source of health and wealth is available to you! This #tarot #cardoftheday from the #HermeticTarot by Godfrey Dowson, suggests entering a productive period on stable ground. The suit of #pentacles, aka coins, earth, diamonds, shields and/or disks relates to stability, earnings, growth, responsibility, property, investment, health and tangible income. There could be a successful gain in your endeavors and better health on the horizon.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are influenced strongly as earth signs during this time of the Sun in Taurus, our upcoming #NewMoon @ 24° of Taurus, coinciding with our Uranus transit into #Taurus on 5/15/18. This is a time to focus on expanding personal growth and prosperity long term, while attaining short term goals.

The #AceOfCoins symbolizes hard work paying off and achievement for the individual (the Ace). A property offer, bid or acceptance thereof can be indicated when this card appears upright within #divination. Entering escrow and gaining equity is also denoted in this card of lump sum. Congratulations may be in order! ~xxAA☽♡☾🕊🕯✨𓂀 #audreyalison #astrology #tarot #cardsandstars #medium #empath #readings 🔮: #handart #henna #henergie #temptats @henergie_tattoos

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🕊Ace Hotel, 5/7🕊
Come vibe on your monthly #tarotreading with me in The Amigo Room tomorrow btwn 4p-8p @acehotelpalmsprings. 𓐑Link in Bio𓐑 ~xxAA☽♡☾★🔮☾𓂀 #tarot #MysticMonday #audreyalison #readings #divination #divining #medium 📸: @desertwild_jt

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🕊Audrey Alison 2.0🕊
I was realll cocky 32 minutes before my computer crashed…for the 1st time…that day. Your May 2018 #AstroTarot #Readings are avail now on my YT channel. ‘Lemme tell you chile...’ They made me work up a sweat this month. Peep your #forecast according to your #Sun Sign ☉, #Rising Sign 🌄 + #Moon Sign ☾ for a full #doseofthecosmos. Happy FULL MOON!~xxAA ☽♡☾🕯✨𓂀 #audreyalison #AAAT #astrology #tarot #astrologer #diviner #seer #youtuber #readings #cosmicqueen #mojavemystic #tarotpriestess #divination #messengerofthestars #planets #cosmos 🔮:

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