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Michael Barrett
Certified Workshop Facilitator & Trainer | Internet Marketing | Life Energy Management Expert | Life Coach & Natural Health Advocate | Blogger
Certified Workshop Facilitator & Trainer | Internet Marketing | Life Energy Management Expert | Life Coach & Natural Health Advocate | Blogger

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Interesting Nathan Chan interview with enterpreneur Dan Norriss.

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This is a great question to ask.

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Gyrokinessis, Yoga Nidra and Chair Yoga with Ella Ellis. If you live near Sarasota Fl.h Check this out: classes starting at Mind Spa Sarasota this Monday 10/5.

Ella has been teaching for quite a few years ==>  Yoga, a certified Yoga Nidra and Gyrokinesis instructor and has been teaching for several years at Warm Mineral Springs. She is attentive, passionate and an above average instructor. Her classes are fun and beneficial - all skill levels and all ages.  She does private and group instruction

I have had immense success with my adrenals as a result of the spinal flexibility routines in Gyrokinesis and her Nirda classes are very effective at reprogramming negative subconsious junk.  

Stop in and check it out on Monday. Call MindSpa 941-378-9959 and let them know you are coming. You will love Ella. That's a promise. 

Life Energy Series...

Identity - as in "I know who I am" - is a huge issue. Most of us are familiar with the idea, but what a lot of people don't realize is that identity is rooted in energy, life energy. It's kind of the medium of 'identity information and transport'.  

Life makes a lot more sense when we know who we are. It can be very chaoatic when we don't. And how do I know this? Been there done that. Still DOING it actually. 

When we don't know who we are, our energy goes weak and that doesn't help anything. It's kind of the inverse of authenticity.

Anyway, this is the kind of thing I talk about in my lectures and teach in workshops.

New lecture series starts 8/25 in Sarasota Fl

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Life Energy Lectures -  Chair Yoga & Laughter, Gyrokinesis, Yoga Nidra - Series beginning at MindSpa Sarasota 8/25 check it out - or tell your friends if you're in the area. Thanks

or you can sign up here:

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Launching a series of lectures about Expanding Life Energy in Sarasota Florida starting Aug 25th at Mind Spa.

Check it out:

If you know someone who lives near Sarasota let them know ok? Thanks

Been watching a new channel lately -  kind of like Netflix. Really intersting information. FMTV that stands for Food Matters TV.

Watched some cool stuff - informative, interesting and current.

Very knowledgeable and competent dicsussions - documentaries and indoendent movies about what's happeing in the "real' world of health and what's actually happening to the planet.  

If you are intersted in a sustainable future and healthy food,  you might want to check it out.  

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This looks intersting.

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Watched an interesting documentary tonight called 'The Cavedigger" about a guy named Ra Paulette who carves beautiful caves out in the sandstone mountains in New Mexico. Check out this 5 1/2 min video interview to look at some of his work. The documentary is very well done and I recommend it.
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