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“We are full of conflicting desires, that is the nature of human beings”

This morning, still on the high from last night's shellacking of Romney by The big O machine, I did something I rarely do. I turned on the TV to listen to the (postmortem) election punditry. It struck me that quite a few commentators were wringing their hands, trying to frame this victory as "not a mandate for the President". 

For a few moments I wondered why after Obama posted a clear victory would they make it such a point to advance that claim. Then it struck me. Just about every pundit was White, mostly male, and mostly middle aged to senior. The White vote went overwhelmingly against Obama. The White male vote went even more overwhelmingly against Obama. The White pundits' views about this election are no doubt heavily influenced by the prevailing views of the community within which they socialize.

Is it any wonder then that they would be advancing the claim that Obama's re-election didn't confer any type of seal of approval from the electorate? It's quite likely that within their own social circles there is over-representation of anti-Obama sentiment, which in turn is informing their punditry. 

Many middle-aged to older White people still haven't realized that the views of White people are no longer the only ones that matter in the great USA. It's probably going to take a while for that reality to sink into a demographic that has grown up under circumstances which instilled in them a certain sense of entitlement and privilege. 

America has changed, and it won't go back. It's not just the Republican party that needs to understand that. The media houses that hire pundits also need to be aware of this. Diversity matters. A mostly male, mostly older, mostly White punditry team is no longer adequate if one is going to tease out the true sentiments of the electorate.

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"Evangelicals have to either face up to it or they have to stick their head in the sand. And if they do that, they will lose whatever intellectual currency or respectability they have." - I don't know, but I think that ship has already sailed.
Evangelicals questioning existence of Adam and Eve: What's next, thinking donkey's can't talk?

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Damn, I'm all geeked up on this news. Carl Sagan was the single greatest influence that got me hooked on science as a kid. I've always considered Neil deGrasse Tyson as his natural successor. Now here comes news that Tyson is going to host the sequel to Sagan's epic, groundbreaking, awe-inspiring Cosmos series. 2013 can't come soon enough.

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Scientists right at the cusp of creating life from inanimate chemicals in the lab. It's only a matter of time before they do.

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This is cool. Forget the hardware. I'm way more excited that you can retrofit existing wired hardware with a $20 piece of software, to do all the orb goodness. For now it's just blu-ray and PS3. It would be really nice if they extended support for this capability to something like SageTV.
The future of your TV? I talk with CEO, Joe Costello, about how he's bringing Hulu and other online video to your TV.

Faith is that thing that humans use to protect God.
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